Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I am inviting everyone to visit my new blog site, Nalalabing Hibla (Remaining Strands). Of course, Distilling Thoughts will be here to stay.

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Nalalabing Hibla entries are written in Filipino / Tagalog, and I want it to be funny (if I won’t fail on this department), candid, and more personal. It’s basically having the same format as Distilling Thoughts, one word title and one photo per entry. Don’t worry, I won't use the same photos for these two blogs.

I hope you will find some time to visit Nalalabing Hibla. Come and join me in my journey to life just before all of my hair strands are gone. Hope to see you there.

Isang hibla ang naliligtas sa bawat kuwentong nailalabas.

Any comments, suggestion for further improvement of Nalalabing Hibla, or to make it more interesting, is greatly appreciated.



  1. akala ko ba wala ka ng time mag blog. nagdagdag pa! :-)

  2. bwahaha mas madali kasi yun tagalog haha

  3. maybe if i understood tagalog..
    hindi ko marunong... :(

  4. hi floreta. well, you should try reading it hehehe hope you are doing fine

  5. totomai,

    have visited the sight a few days ago... have left a comment pero daw wala nasave...

    congrats on the new site... Will add it to my links... :D

  6. hi mark, oh really? i think its fine now. thanks for adding it up :D

    happy anniv to your blog again


any thoughts to distill?

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