Saturday, June 20, 2009


There are times that you feel that your life is in monotone, black and white or hueless. But there are chances that aid to put color to your life albeit temporary, its good enough to let you realize your existence. I thought, I am alive then.


These may be quick moments, a blurry vision but its enough to put a melody to my heart. Never thought I will be using the word heart here. Well, I must accept I have one and its still working in good conditions.

I think we all dream to find our destiny, our better half asap. But we can't control it, fate has its way of scheduling things despite the efforts you make. Life is real, not ideal, but its not wrong to set your path on an ideal way. Just lower your expectations because if things result to a not-so-favorable one, you might find it difficult to recover. Save some energy just for yourself.

And yes, I hope more of an ideal relationship will come soon. Maybe. Fingers-crossed.

3 Days with Betsy Faye


We ran around the town plaza,
chased butterflies and dragonflies;
bought some cotton candies, laughed
and counted each other's missing teeth.

I loved you, Betsy.


We walk out of church,
showers of rice bless us;
waltz to the wishes of guests
while your lips rest on mine.

I love you, Faye.


We will sit on rocking chairs,
listen to the tic-tac's of our false teeth;
we'll stare at the pendulum
and wait until our clock of life stops.

I will love you, Betsy Faye.


Life can be a fantasy too. Fantasy in a real world. Listen to the music within you.



  1. yihee!! kinilig na naman ako.. eheeheheehe


    the last line took my breath away :D

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  3. Good luck, totomai! ;-)

    I agree that the higher bar we set, the more disappointed we might get when things turn sour. But hey, who would stop reaching for higher? =)

  4. Great post. I don't think anything in life can be ideal. It is always a compromise.

  5. love the poem totomai. kilig! haha :) and the pic has a beautiful concept.

    just keep crossing your fingers. and believe!

  6. Hi totomai...

    Thank you for supporting Nooks and Crannies for the year that passed. In return, I have something for you. You might want to check this out:

  7. @AD, thanks

    @May, yeah, just enough not to fall hard once failed. lol

    @Anthony, i agree

    @Kikit, uy thanks. i will be having a new blog. tagalog. at kaadikan :-) more details about it hehe

    @Mark, hehe thanks, ang hirap ng quiz haha

  8. yaikks! super emo. andami kasi dyan. tanong mo lang ke potpot, hehehe

  9. I love these two lines:

    and counted each other's missing teeth'

    and 'listen to the tic-tac's of our false teeth'

    Refreshing imagery.

  10. "Life is real, not ideal"...I loved that line! The whole poem was beautifully moving, and the photo added so much impact. Poignant! Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. @attorney, ikaw nga presidente ang napapahanga mo hehe

    @guatami, indeed

    @julia, thanks

    @FP, domo arigato

  12. fantasy always wins out but we can dream right?

  13. Of course. One hopes. One wins, one loses. One hopes again. The 'time' of this is wonderfully tuned.

  14. @lissa, yes you're right

    @TW, its neverending, i know. thanks

  15. Beautiful MYM photo. And I really like your post, too.

  16. Haa, You have poppies too, a hole field of oriental poppies. I took a pic about white poppies too but I alreadt had so many pics, so I'll show that later :)

  17. Love the kaleidoscope of "colour" tones that you included in this post! Fascinating whirlwind of feelings!

  18. your picture and post are great thanks for sharing such a lovely thought today

  19. Totally awesome...the photo and the verse...Thanks for sharing.

  20. A wonderful picture, a beautiful white flower!

  21. So moving. Made me read it over and over again.
    Beautiful hues like a dream..
    Awesome post.

  22. This is a wonderful post. Thought provoking and raw. Recently I stopped leaning forward into fantasy and rest in the presence of what is, this feels so peaceful. And yes, life can be fantasy too. Your flower photo is lovely.

  23. Beautiful flower nnice colour.

    Gunilla in Sweden

  24. A very lovely photo you share with us! And your poem gave me goose bumps! :)

  25. A great image, beautiful poetry.

  26. Beautiful picture and a lovely poem!!

  27. Beautiful poppies, and a lovely poem. Thanks.

  28. The ephemeral quality of your Iceland Poppies goes so well with your sentiments.

  29. Hello Totomai, Hello Japan,
    Your this weeks photo is so lovely.
    Thank you for posting.


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