Sunday, June 14, 2009


Just came back from South Korea. My job there was physically demanding and mentally draining but I survived it. It was a very good experience on my part, and during those two weeks, I learned a lot from it.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, maybe because of my work load, I tried to isolate myself from cyberspace. My online accounts were frozen. As much as I would like to keep them updated, I just can't. Time is scarce. Not only time, but as well ideas and inspirations were just too difficult to squeeze out of my brain and body. And this is a yearly thing! It happened to me a year ago too.


Ghost Singer

Behind stage curtains,
she performed melodic arias of spring.
Her sterling voice echoed
through the dense auditorium.

Now, behind steel curtains,
she belts a shrill coloratura twittering.
Fortissimo of pathos melodies
resonates through the asylum.


Sometimes we build walls just to keep us away from the things and environment that we are used to. To some, it can be a method of discipline, sometimes it can worsen your condition and might break your insanity.

You are responsible in every decision you make. I agree, sometimes we do need a break from every thing. But after we are recharged or inspired again, just imagine the next outline of your chapter. Bet, it will be a smooth sailing one.

I hope I am making sense. LOL! I'll re-read this entry tomorrow.



  1. You make a lot of sense. Sometimes we all have to distance ourselves from the normal. It reenergises the batteries.

  2. i was so sleepy before i stared reading this and now i am awake like never before :D

    Happy SS

    Into The Absurd

  3. totomai, you do make sense... :D
    Welcome back!

    Very good treatment on the ghost singer...

  4. Makes sense to me!

  5. @anthony, yes, indeed. thanks

    @AD, thanks for the read. glad you enjoyed it

    @mark, yes, its good to be back lol. hope to read more blogs from you later

    @Kaibigan, then, i must not re-read this. hehe thanks.

  6. welcome back, john. you do make sense, so don't worry :) anyway, you are really back since you are giving us another wonderful poem.

  7. ms beth thanks. its an old poem of mine. naisip ko lang nabagay sa mood ng blog hehe

  8. napakadrama totomai :P but well said LOL

  9. alaine, salamat. haha adik mode lang ako

  10. the bane of the technology age - we are sometimes connected TOO much! Your writing is beautiful. I hope you will always return when you have recharged.

    Stealing Time #5

  11. Excellent thoughts! Your poem is incredibly fine.

  12. ohisashiburi!

    i can relate ~~ i think the main problem is you are too busy to do the most thing that you love to do.

    striving hard to do things you needed that behind it you want some other things to do

    love the poem ~~

  13. in tagalaog,, "tinayuan" parang pelikula si ninong talaga o tsk tsk tsk,,, i agree.. makes sense.

  14. Walls? It may be a kind of defense mechanism. I think that's perfectly alright as long as you don't keep it too high. :)

    Welcome back from South Korea. Hope you had the chance to meet Ailene there! :)

  15. @if, dee, sandy and TW thanks for dropping by

    @ate ade, waa, long time no hear musta na? osashiburi. daan ako blog mo asap. nagloloko ngaun firefox ko

    @dada, anong tinayuan

    @kikit, dont worry, it crumbles easily. ai is in davao already since may :(

  16. You make complete sense to me. wonderful poem~

  17. Yeah, good psychology, poignant poetry!

  18. Re: Public Display of Affection

    Wag kang maawa sa kanila. I made some research about their mating behavior and I learned that they mate only once and that's enough for the woman to get pregnant for life. Anak lang sila ng anak kaya they've existed since the time of dinosaurs. Whew!

  19. I really like this - the idea that we need to let our voices out or go mad.

  20. @kikit, thanks for the info

    @dave, thanks


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