Monday, May 25, 2009


Endo is a popular term among OFWs and other contract workers. Endo is a short cut for end-of-contract. Endo is also the title of the movie written by one of my good friends, (I am patiently waiting for the DVD, lol).

Ah the dreaded day has arrived. It always been like this since I started working abroad. On the 11th month, I start to worry whether my employer will renew my contract or, in most cases, not. But what make this year more unpredictable is the fact that most engineering companies, EPCs to be exact, are running out of workload. So it means, they have to reduce to manpower in order to survive. Termination is inevitable.

This coming Saturday, I will be leaving for South Korea for some commissioning job. My immediate supervisor told me that its about time to stretch those muscles and stay away from the computer for a while. Yes, I will be supervising a start-up operation of an oil and gas refinery. My performance (perhaps including my supervisory and technical skills) will play an important part in having my contract extended. How I wish I will be more confident and knowledgeable when it comes to actual operation. Fingers-crossed. Its do or die. And I am not talking about the swine flu.


At times, I say that it is fine to have no job but it’s a totally scary to find yourself imagining that you will be cut-off from your job. Really scary. Of course, being the bread winner of our family, I have to be certain that I will get a new job as soon as possible should I be sacked.

I guess I’ll have to do my best if I wanted to stay here. If not, then come what may. I am getting used to this routine but despite of being used to it, there’s still a feeling of uncertainty. And that make me realize that I am still human after all.

In three weeks time, I will know the verdict, whether the finish line is just a shoulder away or its been shifted to a farther spot so I can continue sprinting.

Gambatte! But I am still contemplating, am I going to work as an engineer forever?



  1. awww.. totomai, i do hope everything will turn out good there. Do your best in Korea! :P aja!

  2. hi johnny, i hope i can say " don't worry", pero daw ka inevitable man .however, think of your strenghts and pray hard that everything wil be alright..

  3. @aleng salamat. gagalingan ko talaga. sana walang malagas na buhok sa sobrang init dun. hehe kita kita na lang tayo dun

    @alma, hi alms. musta na dira sa bacolod? kaya ni a. nagsulat lang blog para in case handa na ko sa maging desisyon :D

  4. sa akin naman, every 2nd month, as the school year is about to end. i can totally relate with the feeling. gambatte ne!

  5. thanks kit. hopefully after this assignment, i will have time to blog and upload photos. lol.

    be safe diyan nauubos na ang mask dito lol

  6. Ang masasabi ko lang anak, mag-iingat ka lagi saan ka man naroroon.


  7. Baka malipat ako sa Yokohama or ma-reassign sa Pinas, yun ay kung matapos ang project with specific client dito. Ideally, gusto ko magPinas uli, pero parang hirap din talikuran itong Japan. Parang madali lang kasi mamuhay dito, work nga lang ang pamatay. :)

  8. you lead an exciting life. good luck on yr next adventure in s korea :)

  9. I had to google gambatte - now I have a new word!!

    I hope all goes well for you, I know that it is hard to live under uncertain circumstances.

  10. gambatte!

    asus! ikaw pa. ipa nosebleed mo lang yang employer mo, re-hired ka na. heheh. wag nga lang isama sa evaluation yung memo na binigay sa yo ng landlord. bwheheheheh

  11. @itay, salamat sa lahat. babalik pa din ako dito mas masarap yata dito sa japan. kung di ako marenew e di maghanap ng work hehe

    @winnie, oo mas masaya dito kasi nabubuhay tayo ng independent. haha ito din ang ayaw ko e ang magkaroon ng friends haha mahirap maghiwalay

    @floreta, you think so? i'll just stay in Korea for 2 weeks and i can imagine its like forever

    @Dee, gambatte is a good word! always been keeping my fingers-crossed

    @attorney, wee, di naman siguro kasama yun sa evaluation haha

  12. God Bless Mai! sabi kasi ng pari noong sunday mass na wala daw sa luck yung kapalaran mo, dapat daw mag pray at mag magtiwala ka sa Dios... o dba? so God Bless! kaya mo yan.

    sorry ngayon ko lang talaga na open yung multiply namin...

  13. Thanks lav :-) musta kayo diyan sa Thailand. sana makakuha din si rey ng ok na work in case medyo tagilid na diyan. kita kita balang araw. miss ko na kayo diyan pati si manang :-)

  14. kayang-kaya mo yan tukayo! kaw pa! err.. hingi mo rin ako ng DVD nung Endo. maganda yata yung indie film na yun :)

  15. Hi Totomai!
    I think some work in the field will do ya good. Good luck!

  16. Hello kaibigan
    you are so strong on my mind. I know you can do anything and my good thoughts are with you.
    I miss you

  17. @tukayo. sure. haha

    @Julio, thanks man. it was a great experience. too tiring though

    @Kaibigan, im slowling coming back hehe thanks


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