Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Thanks to Japan’s Golden Week celebration, finally, I got a well-deserved break. Being away from calculations, reports, material requisitions, proposal is definitely a breather. Add the fact that you escaped from the hustle and bustle of the city, you are in for a treat. For six incredible days, the diminishing rate of my falling hair slowed down. I am thankful for that. It meant no pressure. Just pure, unadulterated and uninterrupted fun.


This is just for the camping activity. Other will be blogged soon, if not, perhaps next year.

From the mountains of Chiba, I went to the mountains of Yamanashi and settled to the hills of Shizuoka. Exhausting? Not quite. Not when you have Kuya Ben, Ate Maki, Kuya Rad, Ate Rya, Ate Mami and Kuya Winnie around you.

We all met at Lake Tanuki, a man-made lake where you can witness the magnificence of Fuji-san. But there are times Fuji-san is too shy to show-off, just what happened on the first day of the camp. The camp was spearheaded by the oldies (I won’t be mentioning names) and the youngsters obliged. Haha! Four of us went from Shizuoka and the three from Kanagawa. While waiting for the traffic-delayed campers, who arrived past 1, instead of wasting our remaining energies, we submitted to the call of dreamland. I never realized that sleeping on the grass or on the wheelbarrow was pretty relaxing after all.

As soon as the Kanagawans set foot on the grounds, we hurriedly set-up the tarp and prepared our lunch. Everything was finished in a jiffy. Either we were too hungry or too excited. After which we erected the tents, our resting venue for the night. And once again, everything was done in a flash.

One of the reasons behind this camp was to practice the so-called strobe technique. The use of external flash to further bring life to subject. As I am not really sure if I am defining it correctly just go to the internet and search about it. Or ask Kuya Rad.

I am not really into flash photography but playing with external flash was spine-tingling. Arranging of multiple lights in various angles and locations was challenging. Not all the times you got what you have in mind but there are also instances that the resulting photo is much better than what you have anticipated.

The session was momentarily stopped by Ate Maki. She had to go to her kingdom or else all of her enchantress would troop down to Lake Tanuki, disturbing the other campers. And with a simple wave, she’s gone. The rest of us continued playing with strobes until our stomachs complained. By the way, we feasted on the foods prepared by Ate Merly, who cares about cholesterol? I can only eat like that once in a blue moon here in Japan so why not abuse the opportunity then?

The rest of the night was spent talking, listening to music, sharing jokes and ghost stories. The weather was still fine before we hit the mat. At around 2 or 3 am, I was awaken and saw the three entering the tent and didn’t mind them as my consciousness was still being drowned in the labyrinth of dreams. It was only in the morning I realized that they checked our things as well as the tents since it started raining before dawn. So much for the hope of seeing the sunrise. Haha!

The rain planned to ruin our activities for the day. However, Kuya Ben, who knows some Japanese superstition, decided to hang a tissue on the tree, to stop the rain. Call it coincidence, but the rain stopped for a while. Of course, what to do next? Take the cameras out and start the shooting spree once again. A group of kids even volunteered to be shot. And Fuji-san appeared for a minute. But we just can’t stop the rain from falling and we have no choice but to wrap up.

Seriously, there are moments that you just don’t want it to end, and this is one of them.

どうも ありがとう みんなさん!


Other events will be blogged separately as this site is for blogs, not for novels. LOL!


  1. Ano naman ang kaibahan ng Novel sa Blog? Whatever it is, I read both lol. Very nice story Toto. We hope to spend another holiday with you in the future.

  2. ang saya saya naman nakita ko rin to sa TF Forum nagcamping din kami 3 days although masaya din pero di ganung kasing saya ng tulad sa inyo wehehehe

    ayos sana nakapagpahinga ka na nga kapagod din tong trabaho natin magdamag sa opis para tayong preso wehehe pero pera to eh,,

    upload ka na mai hihihih

  3. @kuya, joke lang yung novel at blog haha. looking forward for that too kuya, sana kasama na sina ate merly at yuki sa sunod

    @dada, ikaw pala lurker na lang sa TF ngayon. hehe. mag blog ka na din ng events mo dito.

    upload sa flickr? sa sunod na. wala pa ako sa mood.

  4. as long as you're with your loved ones, you stop singing, "tomorrow, tomorrow, i love you tomorrow..." magiging idol mo si eric santos and you'll get to sing, "this is the moment."

    wish to climb mt fuji. sana. :)

  5. i think sa summer madami ang naakyat sa mt. fuji. ill inform you kung may mga plans na aakyat. yung mag hihinta sa sunrise hehe

  6. hanep! at me youtube pa talaga! nagutom ako sa porkchop.

  7. ikaw kasi attorney, inuna mo pa ang tulog e hehehe

  8. ok a! nasabi nyo na lahat heheh di na ako magbblog hehehe. at least nagpakita ng kaunti si fuji. nawala ng konti ang title mong bringer of rain hehhe

  9. hehe oo nga e. pero masaya ako sa camp natin sana maulit uli. congrats uli

  10. Hello! HEllo!! HELLO!!!
    Come out, come out where ever you are

  11. hi Kaibigan...

    how are you? thanks for dropping by. just a bit busy here lately as i am leaving for Korea this Sat. hopefully ill be back asap in flickr ;-)


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