Saturday, May 9, 2009


Most of my friends know that I am addicted to Thai massage and its my solace every time I feel exhausted or drained-out. Its a healing process of sort, it renews your physical being and in some cases, restore your sanity.

Anyway, brought by overtime work and Golden Week activities, I thought I badly needed a massage. And off I went to Kinsicho. I never realized there were lots of massage centers that offer authentic Thai massage. Expect me to be there every month/

The very moment I entered the place, I heard one masseuse saying "lucky guy". Perhaps she noticed that I'm a foreigner so she spoke in English. I asked about the price of each course and finally settled for 1.5 hrs massage at 7000 yen. Its a bit expensive compared to the rates in Thailand but I thought its fine, I deserved this one.

And so the session started. The masseuse kept asking if the pressure applied is hard or not. I told her no problem as I prefer hard massage. Fifteen minutes later I noticed another pair of hands applying softer pressure on my legs. I opened my eyes and saw there are two masseuses feasting on my body. Initially I thought, am I that stressed-out that the older one needed an assistant? The older masseuse tried to explain everything in Japanese and in some parts in Thai but I found it difficult to understand. So I assumed that the younger masseuse is a trainee and I am lucky enough to be her guinea pig. Twice stretched. Twice satisfied. Ah, Thai Massage is really addicting.

Since its my first time to experience two masseuses doing simultaneous massage on my body, I asked it if the younger one is under probation or training. The older one explained that she is her baby (Thai really likes to use baby in referring their daughters) and she just arrived in Japan yesterday. Now I understand why she was very helpful in assisting, its because its her daughter. Maybe she wants her to learn fast so that she can help her. Perhaps to earn additional income. We all know about the global crisis, right? They were from Bangkok proper.

(Our conversation was in broken English / Thai / Japanese, haha!)

It could only be me, but I actually found the situation sweet and touching. Being together, helping each other in any way they can. As they say, mothers know best. So if she thinks this will be a career for her daughter, then so be it. I went out of the center, refreshed and inspired, that's why I am blogging this one.

And it reminded me of the coming Mother's Day. I know that most mothers would do anything to provide comfort to their children, no matter how difficult it may be. Others trying to break the norm, but who are we to judge? Each mother has her reason, and it should be respected.


Madonna and Child

There is a painting
of a mother and child,
in black and white
leaning against the aged bricks
of the cathedral.

There is a painting
of a mother and child
with blank eyes and cracked lips,
stained by the changing seasons.

There is a painting
of a mother and child
outside the church,
seems lifeless,
yet breathing and begging.


To all the mothers, just remember, everyday, not only during the second Sunday of May, is Mother's Day as long as you keep on loving.

And how can I forget my own mother. Ma, Happy Mother's day. Palangga ka namon. Expect my call tomorrow.



  1. Base...

    Welcome back totomai... Touching imagery on the poem...

    Happy Mother's Day to your mom... :)

  2. uy thanks. sana tuloy tuloy na to hehehe

    happy mother's day din sa mom mo

  3. A touching post. Well said about Mothers' Day.

  4. sweet post totomai. and welcome back :)

    do you know some japanese?

  5. i know very little japanese haha :-) why?

    thanks for the welcome. lol. i hope this is a new start

  6. Massage lang pala inspiration na hinahanap mo. Hehe :) Love massage too pero sa Japan, pwede na sa akin ang onsen.:)

    Happy Mother's Day!

  7. oo nga masahe lang pala hehe. ayaw ko onsen. wlang damit hehe

  8. tukayo, sabi nila mas masarap daw ang Turkish bath kaysa sa Thai massage. hehe try mo nga tapos ikwento mo sa akin.

    happy mothers day sa nanay mo! :)

    ay, late greeting na ko :p

  9. i always like to find out about different types of massage - thanks for sharing!!!

  10. from massage to mother's day message.. ang husay mo talaga totomai... 7000 yen ang thai massage.. hmmm... ma try nga din..

  11. you deserve to pamper yourself once a while John, I believe many benefits from massage such as stress buster. Your mom deserves to be pampered by your loving and caring thoughts too, happy Mother's Day to her.

    Yes, I now have moved to blogspot. Am sorry John, if I have to ask you again to change the links, you can delete my old 2 links, and change it to my blogspot :) hopefully, i wont be moving anywhere anymore :)

  12. @tukayo, mauna ka na try, sabihin mo tapos sa kin hehehe. happy mother's day din kay wifey mo

    @danni, thanks. i like massage too

    @pot, 1.5 hrs na yun. na stretched ka na ng husto hehe. salamat

    @ms beth. lol. updated you add na. hehe musta da? may swine flu da?

  13. Good Morning Totomai~ We all deserve a massage once in awhile and when you can get two working on you at the same time, all the better. I imagine you are very relaxed now. I loved your poem. It was a nice tribute to Mother's Day. Hope all is well. Have a nice day.

  14. Thanks TW and Michelle... :-)


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