Sunday, August 23, 2009



Our company is celebrating its silver anniversary. Despite the recession scare, our small company (total number of employees is around 70), managed and is still managing to survive, though there were instances that not-so-favorable-to-others decisions had to be made along the way.

After a month of planning, our company decided to push through this occasion, to celebrate its 25th year while exploring Tokyo via cruise. After all, we, its employees deserve a break and for the first time in history we went out of office 30 minutes before dismissal time. Haha!

Tokyo cruise is very popular in Japan especially during the summer season. For two hours, we feasted on the foods and drinks on board. Too bad though, cola was not served. The music played by three performers filled the airwaves. Found it surprising the moment they played Dahil Sa ‘Yo. Tokyo lights were a visual treat to the eyes. The scent of the bay was therapeutic too. I wanted to capture everything but wasn’t able to establish the proper settings of my new camera. For most of the time, I struggled while using Rica. Well, after all practice makes perfect.

allow wind’s embrace
dance to wave’s melody
a silver-bration*

It was a rare chance also for all employees to talk to each other without thinking about the deadlines, schedules, calculations and the likes. It was more of casual and free-spirited conversations. Event like this should be done frequently. This really helps in keeping our sanity intact.

Thanks to the management and organizers for this celebration Wishing all the best to the company for another 25 years or more.




*word playing with celebration and silver anniversary, thus the word, silver-bration.


  1. new camera? big time talaga. iba na ang maging bisor sa isang sikat na japanese company. i share naman ang bonus dyan! :-)

  2. toinks. point and shoot lang ngayon camera ko kaya. mabigat na kasi si nikki. haha

    bisor ka diyan... nagsalita ang co-owner ng isang phil based company sa japan o. hehe.

  3. wow, new camera again? haha!

    anyway, i know it is your passion and therapy, so, go for it john! you must love your work since it affords you to support your passion and therapy.

  4. lol, yes ms beth, i decided to buy a point and shoot camera haha. easier to hide and carry during business trips haha

  5. Survival is something to celebrate.

  6. A happy important moment, worth celebrating!!

    Waiting for the champagne....

  7. I lift my glass of bubbly and toast you and your company too. A well deserved celebration indeed!

    I love your photo!

  8. Cheers, Clink, click here's to your nice picture!

  9. Sounds like a great celebration and I love your shot of the bubbly.

  10. It sounds like a great celebration and I love your shot!
    Beautiful in every single way :)


  11. nice little word-play in your poem. Your words conjure wonderful sensations of the wind's embrace and the waves melody.

  12. Cheers!
    Lovely poem and a pic thats makes me want to party big time!

    This is my first time on monochrome weekly .
    You find my picture here

  13. lovely poem and photograph! survival is indeed something to celebrate...!

  14. A lovely tribute to the company. Wind's embrace is a beautiful idea. It is the embrace of freedom.

  15. Wonderful shot .. all those glasses almost invisible

  16. Love the hint of glassware shape in monochrome! Almost like a clever illusion!

  17. Wow.. you seem to have had a great time.. good for you, and the other employees! I think such breaks should indeed be frequently done, as it does a great deal of good to the employees, and the positive consequences ultimately reflect on the work..

  18. @SUsan, James and Carver, cheers too!

    @Vita and Tammie, thanks

    @Sue and PEtunia, just playing with some haiku :-)

    @Leo and Sandy, im still lucky, i guess lol

    @Daryl and GT, arigatoi

    @DL, we all deserve a break, i guess :-)

  19. Hi!

    It's been awhile, huh?

    Been very busy balancing everything.

    And I noticed, reading some of your posts how you've grown both in your career and your passion, too. My great accolade to your remarkable feat!

    I went through a lot of hard work, too. Just recently, Jeques Web Nook turned 2 and parallel to my celebration I launched, FINALLY! my ONLINE ART PORTFOLIO. I finished a collection and the portfolio is now making rounds in some Art Galleries here in Chicago for any possibility.

    Let me share with you my journey.

    See you around.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques


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