Sunday, September 6, 2009


I’ve been watching Japanese movies lately. There something about Japanese cinema (Nihon Eiga) that’s hypnotizing. It must be the language since I can understand few Japanese words, thanks to subtitles by the way.

Romance is one the most clichéd themes in universal cinema. And most viewers prefer happy endings. Except me, a gloomy ending gives me more satisfaction and contentment. Of course, in real life I wanted it the ideal way. No one wants to end up in an unhappy finish.

What is the key for lifetime relationship? Each one of us wants it to be ideal as possible but its not easy to achieve. Lots of factors are needed to be considered in order to survive the complexities of a relationship.

Back to Japanese films, here are three films I’ve seen that in one way or another dealt about relationships, but with not-so-happy endings. These films are well directed and the cinematography is excellent. The actors are well-chosen and played the parts naturally. Plus, the soundtracks of these films are worth listening even after watching the movies.

Love Letter . Actually I never heard of this film but saw a DVD of it on sale in Thailand. I decided to buy it after reading the synopsis.

Hiroko Watanabe has recently lost her fiancé Itsuki Fujii in a mountain climbing accident. On the day of his memorial ceremony, two years after his death, Watanabe finds his address in his high-school photo album at his parents' house.

Calling You. Tried a couple of times watching this film but I was bored. One day, I decided to see it again and it left me engaged. It has a unique storyline, unreal but might be possible, who knows.

Shy, quiet, and unsure of herself, Aihara Ryo (Narumi Riko) doesn't quite fit in anywhere. Though she wants to make friends, she has trouble speaking up and holding a normal conversation like everyone else. It seems that whenever she talks, the words just don't come out correctly. Gradually, Ryo has gotten used to living life in silence as a lonely and introverted student. With no one to talk to, Ryo also has no need for a cell phone. Longing for friends to talk to, she creates a cell phone in her mind for imaginary phone conversations, and much to her surprise, one day Shinya (Koide Keisuke) picks up on the other side. For the first time in her life, Ryo has found someone she can talk to.

Crying Out Love in The Center of World. Never mind the title, lol. I saw this film on the plane, on my way back to the Philippines. Actually I didn’t like the ending but the their story as students were enough to compensate for that conclusion.

In a small regional town in 1980s southern Japan, Sakutaro "Saku" Matsumoto and Aki Hirose, who were classmates all through junior high school, become high school students and then fall in love with one another. They share audio diaries, go on excursions together, and enjoy summer vacation. However, Aki soon finds herself suffering from Leukemia and begins to weaken day by day, rendering her unable to see Saku or go outside.

As I’ve said, I only hope for not-so- happy endings while watching a film and not in real life. We all deserve a successful relationship after all, right?


ylang-ylangs scent
vibrations of soundless bells
vows at the altar
carpet of showered petals
a promise through sign language

Next month, my brother is getting married and I will be going home to celebrate the occasion. Two weeks after, my friends Dash and Ai will be tying the knot too. Too bad that I will miss this special event. I will try to be there during the pre-nup shoot. Again, Dorb (my bro), Dash and Ai, best wishes and congratulations.



  1. well, i hope your brother and your soon to be sister-in-law and aileen and dash will have a happy ending.

  2. they will Kit, they will... thanks :-) you know ailene right?

  3. best wishes to your brother john, how about you older brother? when will you follow younger brother? :)

  4. It is true that all romance does not have happy endings and that is just how life is at times.

  5. You capture the senses of the wedding in a non-cliched way. (I have a few weddings in Sept., too. I think Sept. is the new June!)

  6. Once again = perfect, and with your words = liked it a lot. Hugs from Anne in Norway.

  7. The first two movies sound very interesting...the last one sounds way too sad for me! I liked your take on the reality of romance: sadly, it doesn't always end on a positive note. Best wishes to your brother and your friends on their upcoming weddings!

  8. Very nice aand I like the contrast!

  9. @Aileni, yes :-)

    @Maggie, not all the times its about happy endings

    @Sandy, best wishes to your friends wedding too

    @Vita, thanks

    @Just me, :-)

    @Anne, thanks again

    @SIG, thanks for the wishes. actually the 3rd movie is my favorite among the three haha

    @Petunia, thanks

  10. Maybe we expect way too much of each other in a relationship.
    A sad movie is often cathartic - sometimes it gives us a bit of perspective. Our situation isn't as bad as that of the people in the movie so it makes us feel better?

  11. saang site ka nanonood? pa email ng link hhehee

  12. @Dee maybe. A way of saying thank God it didn’t happen to me

    @Atty, adik. Meron ako DVD ng loveletter haha. Yung dalawa aba dala ka USB haha

  13. i wish i knew the answer to that longevity.. it is certainly hard to do. it's been proven that relationships cycle in 5-7 years, that's why so many divorce around that time. i believe for a relationship to sustain itself, partners need to reevaluate and renew their commitment within those cycles. problem is, they DO reevaluate and like me, it does not seem to go towards renewal..

  14. best wishes to your brother and friends for tying the knot... :)

    wow, it's been a long time since I have watched movies on DVD... The last time I saw was "Namets"... Second viewing actually...

    Better look for new releases then... :)

  15. @floreta, oh yes, renewal and reevaluation are needed from time to time :-) thanks again. musta?

    @mark, lol, i have to hurry up as ms beth is already asking me when. haha

    go and try to watch movies hehe i am curious about namets. hope to get a dvd of it when i go home

  16. i too prefer cinema that mirrors real life in its ending, rather than the sappy, happy-ever-after stuff of my younger preferences. lovely verse on romance...

  17. ama! try mo rin ung korean :P haha..ito try mo icheck ung synopsis.

    D ko rin masyado nagustuhan ung Crying out.. ewan ko bakit..haha..

  18. I enjoyed your movie reviews - I'm not always fond of the perfect ending but like perfection to continue in real life! :) Best wishes to your brother and friend!

  19. @Daryl thanks

    @QDB, yes, not so happy ending make me feel im human after all

    @anak, ok tingnan ko yan meron ka ba nyan?

    @TW, thanks. ill let them know

  20. i want to sse a version of ur love story tomai hehehehe

  21. Haven't seen "Calling You"... Tsutaya here I come na! :D

  22. @Da, it will be a book haha

    @Mariale, were you able to rent it?


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