Saturday, September 19, 2009


From the very moment that my application for vacation leave was approved, I’ve been counting the days until I'll finally embrace my mother, talk with my father and catch-up with my brother. Of course, it also includes meet-ups with my relatives and friends, and shoots with fellow photography addicts. Believe me, it will be a very busy three-week-vacation. And one thing’s for sure, I am going to double my weight. Though earlier today, someone’s about to spoil my excitement, I am still keeping my fingers crossed that my presence is not required in one of the meetings in Korea .

Just recently, autumn is letting its presence felt. The breeze is colder and the mood of the city is starting to be melancholic. Ah, autumn, the most poetic season though a bit infectious as it triggers homesickness. If I accommodate that thought, I would have probably jump off my building but I keep on trying to divert that feeling. Sometimes, I admit I do, especially during early morning. Sometimes memories turn foggy, unclear.



half-awake, grabbed the fork
felt the coldness of the eggs
silence broken by their encounter

that familiar sound brought
back foggy memories of childhood.

before the cock crows
swish and whoosh of kitchen orchestra
conducted by Ma was our alarm clock.

spiritless, bro and I sat on ladder steps
rubbed our eyes
as Pa fed the roosters
to their delight

forgetting to blink
my stomach complains
images slowly turns foggy

while beating the eggs
for breakfast


I will be arriving evening of the 8th, barely 1.5 days before my brother’s wedding. So on the 9th, I expect it to be very busy since most of our relatives from other provinces will be staying in our place. I’ll be helping my brother too on their last minute preparations, of course, after buying the Barong Tagalog. On the 10th, its my brother’s big day, hmm, I am tempted to bring my camera but being the Best Man (for the nth time), I will try to get some shots, preferably I’ll bring my point and shoot camera only. On the 11th, I will try to catch the flight to Davao to attend the pre-nup shoot of my friends Dash and Ai which is scheduled on the 12th. Will be leaving on the 13th and might go to Manila to get my ticket for Japan or just head back to Bacolod . After that, I don’t know what’s next but I plan to have a post-nup shoot with my brother and sister-in-law.

Whew! Guess, I will start sleeping on the 14th. LOL!



  1. have a great trip totomai ^_^ enjoy and enjoy and eat lots of Filipino food for all of us ^_^

  2. hi John, have a great vacation, enjoy the days and the wedding.

  3. Enjoy your vacation! And say hello to Ailene for me. :)

    Btw, I want to email you about something. Could you drop me a line at Pwede? :)

  4. hi ms beth, i will :-)

    @Kikit, i will. yup ill send you an email :-)

  5. Nifty b&w, or maybe more accurately, a w&b.

  6. Sounds like you need six weeks to pack all that in. Enjoy.

  7. thanks michael, aileni and petunia. :-)

  8. Lol that was my thought nice w&b ;)

  9. Loved your post and I hope you have a wonderful vacation.

  10. @Maggie, hope I will have a great one, lol

    Thanks Just Me, Arya and KP :_)

  11. I am thinking of the chickens being fed before the family, the family rising to its own music, and the quality of the mornings on which the eggs were cold before being eaten. I like this poem very much. You take me to a new time and place.

  12. Hi Sandy, yes, I miss that sounds. LOL! that is one of the many reasons I am looking forward for my vacation

  13. Your poem is circular to me. Your eggs trigger memories of other eggs in your childhood which brings you back to your present eggs. I really like the structure and the ideas here.

  14. Clever shot .. enjoy the family time

  15. A beautiful post, I loved your poem. Have fun with your family!

  16. Beautiful words! Enjoy and welcome back.

  17. beautifully written! i very much enjoyed this!

  18. I love the thread of breakfast carrying you across the threshold of time. Beautiful poem.


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