Saturday, September 26, 2009


This blog, Distilling Thoughts, is one of the finalists for this year’s Philippine Blog Awards under the Best Photo Blog Category. This is my way of saying thanks to everyone.


colors of the words
unearth before your dry eyes
sparkly cyberspace

One of my friends, make it two actually, broke this news at plurk. It may sound cheesy, but I do consider this nomination as a personal gem already. And I believe most, if not all, of the nominees feel the same way. Philippine Blogosphere (not my original term) is one of the most colorful and creative blogospheres in cyberworld. And I can attest to that. If you have time, kindly visit the sites of the other nominees and you’ll see what I mean. And not only that, there are other blogs that are not nominated that are worth visiting. Hmm, how can I provide the links? Start looking at the sidebar.

Two years ago, I started this blog as a result of a dare by a friend. We were both in bumhood during those times so we challenged ourselves to write something, a piece or two each week. To compensate my deficient vocabulary, I decided to include at least one photo, taken by me, on every entry I post. And as they always say, the rest is history. Through this blog, I have gained lots of friends and had inspired some to start blogging too, at least I know one. LOL! Special thanks to all the readers and visitors of this humble blog, really appreciate it. Shout-out to those responsible bloggers who nominated this blog, do I have to mention your names? Haha! Thanks for the trust.

Come October 9, the winners for each category will be revealed. No matter what the results will be, I am already very thankful and humbled by this nomination.

Congratulations to all the nominees, the organizers of PBA and of course to all bloggers who continuously make blogging world interesting and inspiring. You just don’t know how you encourage me to do better. You are all gems.

Again, my apologies for the cheesiness of this entry.

I blog. I shoot. I distill thoughts.



  1. congratulations toto!!! sooo exciting and happy for you! is there any way i can vote?? and deficient vocabulary?? what are you talking about. haha you write good english. and even deficient is kind of an advanced word, no? i definitely agree the philippine (pinoy?) blogosphere is colorful. there's a lot of us! am i considered to be part even though i live in the US? hmm. but next year i'm moving to the philippines :) and.. i'd love to connect with more filipino bloggers.

  2. yebbah! ganbatte mai! til victory!

  3. @floreta i think they have set of judges who will be responsible in choosing the winners. :-) no voting for the Photo blog category hehe

    oh really you're moving to Philippines? really cool. you can start checking filipino bloggers on that nomination list, they are all awesome.

    yes, you are still a pinoy blogger even you are in the US. :-)

    Mabuhay and see you in PI next yr :-)

    @kid, salamat :-) gambatte lang ako lagi haha

  4. congratulations John, best of luck in your photography and blogging. again, you actually are one of those who inspired me to blog, reading your posts in your blog made me also think of sharing my thoughts :)

  5. thanks ms beth. naks, blushing ako diri ba haha. hope to go there someday sa lugar mo then take photos with you together hehe

  6. Admittedly, I am one of those who were inspired to start blogging. Thank you, totomai! Even if you keep calling my once-a-month entries novels. Hahahaha.

  7. wow! congrats! congrats! galing galing naman! iba talaga! apir!

    nga po pala, pa-change naman po ng URL ng blog ko sa URL niyo po hehe >> thanks po!

  8. naks, parang acceptance speech na to ah. heheh. congrats talaga!

  9. @Kuya Rad, naks di nga, nainspire pala kita bwahaha. sunugin ko yung blog mo e haha

    @fjordz thanks. noted your new URL. ill update soon

    @atty, haha pasalamat yan sa lahat.

  10. You blog, you shoot, you distill thoughts and now you brag. good for you. you earned the right. congrats, hope you win.

  11. Congrats on your nomination. You have a very good eye. I hope you win.

  12. Congrats mai! May God continue to bless you with your photography and blogging as you are an inspiratiion to many...-Sisters =)

  13. @gs batty, not to brag, just a way of saying thanks ;-)

    @cricket, thanks

    @sisters, salamat kaya mag blog na din kayo

  14. Congrats!!
    Amazing shot and poem.
    You inspire me every time I visit you blog - best of luck!


  15. thanks Nathalie :-)

    @Anna, thank you so much for your kind words.

  16. whheehh mai, you really are fantastic. you write straight from your heart and took pictures giving your soul. the biggest CONGRATULATIONS to you!!!you deserved this and continue to inspire people...

  17. @boyeng, celebrity ka jan hehe

    @amber, salamat. dumugo ilong ko sa reply mo a haha. salamat kaibigan. sa darating na election, totomai sa senado haha

  18. Not at all cheesy! Congratulations and best of luck for all the successes you deserve! xoxo

  19. Glad to hear that, lol. thanks :-)

  20. Congratulations on the nomination! That's good news.

  21. hahaha ang yabang ni ninong,,, grats mai,, deserve mo yan

  22. I like your poem. It speaks to me of the magic of the Internet, the way it connects us and inspires our creativity and the ways we speak to each other.

  23. Congratulations on your well-deserved nomination - hope you win - !!

  24. Thanks Carver :-)

    @AiDash, ninong ka diyan

    @Sandy, thanks :-) glad to know you here. power of net

    @TW, fingers-crossed. thanks

  25. That one indeed is a colorful gem of a news. Congrats.

  26. for us.. you will always be a winner totomai!! keep it up!

  27. congrats mai....kaka ibang talent talaga... kahit ano pwedi... ma blog man o photography, isama na natin ang pag ka model, at ang kakulitan. ibang level din... hehehe


  28. ay ganito pala... hehehe diko alam.

    congrats ulit.

  29. very nice tercet of poetry! lovely! :)

  30. @swap, thanks

    @pot, aww. tats ako haha

    @rey salamat, parang pamamamalam comments mo a haha

    @Leo, thanks

  31. Congratulations bro for being one of the finalists! Floreta actually referred me to yours.

    You're already a winner! Nice shots!

  32. wow! ang galing! congrats!

    You do have a very nice photoblog!

    Congrats in advance I know you'll make it!


  33. @maggie, thanks a lot

    @Joemill, thanks too, good luck on your nomination. regards to floreta :-)

    @january, salamat. hehe fingers crossed :-)

  34. wonderful post and wishing you the best as you post and post away. Blogging truly can be a muse.

  35. Congratulations ☆jack-lord☆

  36. yehey! manok ko itong si tukayo! woohoo!!! go! go! go!!!

  37. Good luck totomai! Your pictures are really great and you deserve the nomination. Wala talaga ako masyadong alam sa mga awards-awards na yan. hehe :)

  38. @tammie lee thanks ;-)

    @ate ade, salamat

    @tukayo, parang panabong a haha

    @randy, salamat

    @kikit, salamat hehe

    @angela, good luck and congrats to you too

  39. totomai,
    I don't know the results yet... hehehe...
    however, you deserve the nomination!

  40. and even deficient is kind of an advanced word,

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