Sunday, January 24, 2010


As the song by White Lion goes,

Well it's time to say goodbye my friend
I'm glad you stayed until the end
I hope that you've enjoyed the time we spent
Though I know that I will be back again
I don't know just how soon my friend
Until we meet again just think of me
I'll think of you

I thought, here we go again, about time to say farewell to group of friends who will be leaving Japan soon.

Anyway, returning to Japan last 2008, my mindset (aside from work, of course) was to be more independent and not to develop nor establish friendship. I thought goodbye is always difficult to utter come separation time, basing from my previous experience. As you know, being an ex-pat / OFW, everything is temporary. You’ll never know if you will be renewed or when you will be terminated.

But I’m glad I didn’t follow that mindset. I met a lot of wonderful people here in Japan, most of them share the same passion, photography. Yes for giving me a chance to know them even for a short period of time. Actually it’s not really a “decision” on my part to be friends with them, it just came naturally.

Some of them are leaving Japan. Some already left. But all those memories will always be remembered.


goodbye sunny days
chapter closes, new phase starts
sunny remembrance


Good luck and onwards to a new adventure. See you again some other time. Just remember the power of internet, it is so much easier to communicate wherever you are. Gambatte!

The scene will change, the time will show
But still I hope that you'll be there for me
I'll there for you

Cheesy. Right. LOL!




  1. me plurk pa!! (woot) hahaha.. emo ka nanaman ama haha

  2. Farewells can be painful or bittersweet. You captured this so well.

  3. @anak, walang pakiaalamanan. kasama ka na kaya jan :-)

    @Sandy, thanks. im beginning to hate farewells. :-)

  4. This isn't cheesy at all...friendships are precious, and saying goodbye is always bittersweet. I enjoyed your touching take on this prompt. Cheers to good friends!

  5. lovely way to honor your friends as they begin a new adventure~

  6. Farewells are very sad, but can be the start of a new adventure. Bittersweet at best.

  7. Good kidology, memories last forever, friendships wax and wane.

  8. yeah, kinda cheezy...:)

    but i love how you've said goodbye to precious friends you didn't expect to be so close with!

    yeah, it happens everytime, maybe, all the time, of meeting friends and becoming close to them!

    Nice work dear!

  9. They must be missing you already...

  10. Hmmm... Goodbyes are difficult for me too Totomai... But I cannot also shun friendship away, if it's being offered with both hands... :)

    We all march to our own music, in the giant orchestra of life. From time to time, we may play great music with others but still, our own different music continues... And so is our march... :)

  11. @Mark yes. i think we are all born friendly lol

    @Stan not yet :-)

    @Amity thanks. yeah im thankful to all the friends that come my way :-)

  12. Taking another road in life can be heavy. Sunny thoughts must stay with you. Nicely done.


  13. I bet you are a great friend!
    Your ode bodes well...for at least a few of these friendships to live on!

    Thank you--

  14. emo emo ~~ great that we have a net to connect us anywhere in the world


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