Saturday, January 9, 2010


Well, well, it’s been more than a week since the new year but I haven’t blogged anything. I have been thinking on what to write for the past few days and finally decided to showcase my 10 most popular photos in Flickr last 2009. It is easier this way, after all part of this blog is about photography.

At the start of 2009, I promised to post photos I took in 2009 only to my Flickr account. Of course, I wasn’t able to hold on to that pledge. I uploaded photos I took from 2007 and 2008, because at some point I ran out of photos and lost interest to photography for a month or two.

unending shutters
indurated by seasons
own masterpieces

Allow me to present my photos of 2009.


Taken at Tachikawa, Japan during the farewell party of one of my friends. Perhaps the appeal of this photo was the backlight, highlighting the stems of the poppies.


Taken at Shinjuku, Japan. I thought converting this shot to black and white was a good decision after all.


Taken at Odaiba, Japan. I usually struggle with night photography that’s why for this shot I tried using my 50mm 1.8f portrait lens. This is my most viewed photo of 2009.



Taken at Tachikawa, Japan. I think flower photos are quite popular in Flickr. These two shots were taken the very same day as that of the number 1 photo.


Taken at Chiba, Japan. I used my macro lens for this shot. While everyone was busy during the party, I was busy taking shots of this guitar. Its one of my personal favorites of 2009.


Taken at Tachikawa, Japan. I dedicated this shot to my two-friends. I even made a haiku for them.


Taken at Shinjuku, Japan. I was aiming to take a photo of the tree when suddenly an intruder came rushing. LOL! Glad she did.


Taken at Tokyo, Japan. Sshh. This was taken in our office. I was assigned to take the ID photos of my officemates and during breaks I thought I have to shoot something.


Taken at Tachikawa-Japan. I think this is one of my most successful photos of 2009.

Other thoughts for 2009


Taken at Asakusa, Japan. I took this photo last 2008 and uploaded it this year as a tribute to Pres. Corazon Aquino. This photo hit the front page of Flickr explore.


Taken at Bohol, Philippines. I think around October or November, I was surprised that this photo had thousand of hits per day because I uploaded it last 2007. I followed the photo stats and it led me to Yahoo Philippines website. It was on its front page.


A similar picture of this won 2nd Place in Masskara Photo Contest. But until now, I haven’t received my prize yet.

I decided to have this entry in order to get inspired this 2010. Its already January 9 and haven’t taken photos this year, so yeah, I am still uploading old photos to my Flickr account. I hope this year, I can still capture poetry in my photos --- Phoetry.

Somebody please inspire me too.



  1. Your haiku on 'indurated' was on spot, and I enjoyed reading it; plus, your photos are stunning! Brilliant take on 'capturing poetry'.

    Inspiration, eh? Check out Fictionless Lines.

    Nice to have come across a fellow Filipino. :)

  2. Thanks Kabayan :-)

    will try to visit your site too.

  3. Your photos are outstanding. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Your haiku was wonderful, but your photos are absolutely stunning. They took my breath away! You have such a gift...thanks for sharing your favorites.

  5. awesome really and the pics? almost at a lost for words, now i wish to be a good photographer like inspired by the beautiful pics that came with your haiku!

    truly, your cam's shatters had endured the seasons and came up with so many materpieces...;)

  6. Great photos Totomai! My favorites are the black and white one, the tree/intruder pic, and the cosmos-politan. :D

  7. What more can I say? The pictures already say how fantastic they are. :) Happy 2010 Totomai! :)

  8. Perfect mate, poem and photos, said from another photo taker....

  9. What amazing photography! Ah- such talent for capturing words, thoughts and - thanks for sharing!

  10. amazing t... every single one is beautiful... that b&w with guitar, amazing, cannot help but to think of 'while my guitar gently weeps' song... wait i think i am inspired, i may hafta use that one... and the poppies, awesome!!!

  11. i drool over the photos *drool-drool-drool*

  12. Thanks everyone :-) hope to have good pictures this year


any thoughts to distill?

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