Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Growing up, I always thought that balloons were exclusively for birthday celebrations only. And if you have balloons during your party, you will gain another set of friends, LOL! Those were the days. But if I remember it right, I had balloons during my birthday celebration twice or thrice only. Other than those two, it’s all food, food and food. Ah, childhood memories. I can still recall the words stamped on the inflatable,

December 29, 1982.

Fast-forward to 2009. I just turned 32. And I don’t need these balloons anymore, as I am one living balloon. Ha ha! Each year, I am getting bigger and bigger. It seems unstoppable, like a helium-filled balloon escaping from an enclosed space to the open air. Hoping that someone can deflate me before it’s too late, for health reasons as you know. Or I’ll just pop naturally, what a scary thought.


Anyway, a few days ago, I kept on thinking of using balloons to celebrate my birthday. Since I turned 30, I decided to have a photograph of me in my birthday suit. It all started in Thailand (30th), then the Philippines (31st) and now in Japan (32nd). I wonder where will be the next location. Hmmm. Aside from the fact the balloons bring out the child in me, it reminded me of the sacrifices of my parents in giving me and my brother worth-remembering celebrations, with or without balloons.

Turning a year older is a gift and no one can take that from you. It is yours and yours alone. It means that you must continue your journey. With refreshed positivity, I am starting a new chapter of my life. I am ready to whatever my path offers me.

Happy Birthday, Totomai!



  1. Naks Happy Birthday!

    Asawa na lang talaga kulang sa iyo... :D

    Gawin mong new year's reso =P

  2. otanjyoubi omedetou!!! -mach

  3. thanks winnie. naks may baril o haha

    @mach, salamat :-)

  4. happy birthday ulit mai! mag asawa na kasi...

  5. thanks lav. wait lang haha wag mo kasi pressurin :-)

  6. happy birthday totomai-san!!! ^_^

  7. happy birthday Jan, may you have many more balloons to come, actually, you have them all surround you na :)

  8. @kyoko, douomo arigato

    @ms beth, haha sa dumami pa para mabenta ko :-)thanks

  9. happy bday bf adi ka talaga magisip na rin ako ng ganyan lapit narin kasi eh love you mwahhh- ski

  10. Suk san wan kert!
    That's happy birthday in Thai.
    And have a great New Year!

  11. oh how exciting new year birthdays must be.

    happy birthday Totomai!

    you seem to have such an interesting life :)

  12. Happy Birthday! Best things to you in 2010!

  13. Happy birthday. May this new year bring all you hope it will.

  14. @bespren mag isip ka na ng concept mo uy haha

    @stan, krub :-)

    @floreta, thanks, still waiting for your trip to Japan :-) fingers-crossed

    @TW, thanks

    @narasnook :-)

  15. buti di pumutok yun red balloon.. happy birthday mai, officially lampas kana sa kalendaryo, lipat ka na sa lotto.. chrome

  16. belated happy birthday, totomai!!!

  17. Chrome, oo lipat na ako sa lotto :D

    @mykel salamat hehe

  18. totomai po ba talaga ang real name nyo? akala ko kasi handle nyo lang talaga yan sa tf.

    belated happy birthday and happy new year!

    God bless!

  19. nickname lang ang totomai :-) ano username m sa TF :-)


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