Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hong Kong

While everyone was granted a 2-3 week holiday, I was allowed a 2-day rest. Fair isn’t it? I believe so since I went home last October already. Actually I didn’t have any plan at until an invitation from a friend came, a 4-day trip to Hong Kong. I told him its fine but it should be from Thursday to Sunday only. We planned to meet at the airport and will take a cab to the hostel.

wandering beggars
maze through a busy terrain
taste of adventure


Thursday. I arrived 2030H, HK time, a little than the estimated time of arrival. I thought my friend must have been too tired to wait for me as he is scheduled to arrive 2 hours earlier. The clock said 2330H and that’s when I decided to go to the hostel. WHOAH! That was my reaction upon seeing the place. Its very far from what I imagined. LOL! Anyway, after inquiring, I went to our room, knocked for 5 minutes before it was finally opened. He was already in dreamland. BOO!


Friday. Started the day early. Our first stop was Man Mo Temple, it was a small temple and cameras were not allowed so we didn’t stay long there. Next we decided to go to The Peak via Peak Tram, as they say its one of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong. Now I know why. Up there, you can relax and see the skyscrapers of the city.


Next was Madame Tussauds Hong Kong. Well I was hoping a Martina Hingis wax replica was there but to no avail. Ha ha! Going through the wax statues, I can’t help but be amazed by them. They all look real, but lifeless.


As we are trying to squeeze as many destinations as possible for 24 hrs, we then went to Ocean Park. Ocean Park is just like any other amusement parks, sorry, not a fan. There are still lots to like here, the cable car, the Sky Fair, and the festive atmosphere.


The sun may be gone, but our energy is still up. Off we went to Golden Bauhinia Square just outside the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. It’s a historical place where the handover took place, return of Hong Kong to People’s Republic of China. We stayed there and watched the famous Symphony of Lights.


Saturday. Despite having a long Friday, we were up early for our Saturday trip. Our first destination was at Po Lin Monastery, where the Giant Buddha seats atop Nong Ping plateau. It took years to finish the statue and as they say your Hong Kong trip wouldn’t be complete if you fail to visit it.


After exploring the place, we went to Tai O Village but didn’t stay long enough. Guess we are already too tired, we are just afraid to admit it. Ha ha. Our adventure continued at the Clock Tower and Avenue of Stars and again, waited for the Symphony of Lights to be displayed.
Sunday. Its time to go home. I am going back to Japan and my friend to the Philippines for a month long vacation.


Again, thank you bespren for this adventure. Guess next time, you should check the accommodation before confirming anything. LOL! And maybe next time, European tour will be our next escapade. Happy Holidays and advance happy birthday to both us.


Be safe on your trip back to Norway and see you in 2012. Ha ha!



  1. I hope to see you in Japan sometime Totomai!! :)

  2. sure my friend, and you can be my model then :-)

  3. I love HK! If you ever go back again, maybe explore a little of the night market? :)

  4. thanks ojanna, i will if i have the time and money lol

  5. hahah.. dya pala sumide trip si caloy ha..mga bigtime talaga pa tour-tour na lng oh...hehe..sunod pasyal din uli kayo d2 sa thai..heheh

  6. haha mer, sagot naman ni caloy e haha

  7. wonderful group of photos.
    I enjoyed your poem, the words have power in them.

  8. The poem gives me that erfect sense of being a traveler discovering a new place. The images are lovely. I like the one with the musical staff wound between the lit trees and balloons behind it.

  9. What a trip...and such beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing your experience; you visited some gorgeous places.

  10. wow...great!

    thanks for sharing your wanderlust lately...

    you speak Tagalog? I am a Filipino blogger, too!

    Do visit my blogsite if you have time...Thank you...:)

    Magandang umaga sa yo!

  11. akala ko kng sino kasama mo doon... c caloyskie pala! ang rich nyo talaga... pa secret secret ka pa hehehe... nice mai regards caloy!

  12. mga bruha.......

    yaman nyo.... baka sa susunod Thailand naman. hahaha


  13. hihi ang pogeh talaga ni bf hihi happy holidays din sa inyo at happy bday satin bf mwahhh

    lav rey - happy holidays sa inyo kelan kayo uwi bawasan nyo na yang pera nyo hihi

    emer- musta laki nga baby mo ha happy holidays


  14. A wonderful wanderlust - gorgeous photos, as always!

  15. I liked "wandering beggars..." Brings back memories of when I traveled a lot when i was younger.


  16. Skyscrapers and avenue of the stars. Your haiku is beautiful. Hope you took some time for tea. Happy new year

  17. I very much enjoyed that haiku. Taste is right. Must be like torture for some.

  18. thanks everyone :-)

    lav / rey - bigyan nyo kami pamasahe punta diyan hehe

    caloy - salamat uli

  19. Amazing shots! BTW, what wide angle lens are you using? Or did you use a software to stitch these?

    - Ray

  20. Thanks Ray!

    I used my Nikkor Fish Eye Lens - 2.8f 10.5 mm :-)


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