Saturday, December 5, 2009


Autumn’s almost gone. Winter’s approaching. And I’m on the street waiting for the day that I won’t be seeing my age in the calendars ever again. Ah, three more weeks.


distant lighthouse guides
a clearer path to trek on
uncertainty fades

Actually, instead of really waiting to that day, I am looking forward on the activities that I will be doing while I’m still 31. Being in three projects as of the meantime, I am looking forward of going home early, hoping to minimize overtime works or else too much work won’t stop me from reaching that age. But seriously speaking, despite the volume of my workload, I am enjoying my job as a Project Engineer. I may have lots to learn especially about strategizing but I think I learned so much being on this position. Of course, I still like to go back to Process Group, I’m a Process Engineer in the first place.

What’s next? Christmas Parties! Looking forward to attend lots of Christmas Parties where Coke is overflowing. Yes, I am not looking forward to beers and hard drinks, only to cola. Just kidding. Celebrating this season in a foreign land sucks, but I am glad to have lots of Filipino friends here who in one or another lessen up my longing to be back home during holidays. And parties here won’t be complete without karaoke, and I am already practicing my piece, an instrumental one.

I wasn’t allowed to take a long holiday since I already went home last October. Instead, my boss gave a two-day vacation. Thanks boss! I will be out of Japan for four days. I think its enough to refresh me and would do wonders in helping me finish my year end reports, project accomplishments and the likes.

Christmas. It’s a working day here in Japan so no celebration. Perhaps, I‘ll just call my family back home. Hearing their voices will be enough to counter the biting cold.

I plan to finalize my birthday suit concept too. I started doing this last 2007, when I was 30. This year, I want it to be more colorful and full of life. Anyway, it will be fun. If you have any idea, please email me haha!

The remaining days of being 31 are quite packed. I am just enjoying my life.



  1. don't look at the calendar. refer to the lotto numbers. :) advance merry christmas and happy birthday!

  2. I really like the mood of this photo.

  3. thanks kit :-)

    @awarewriter thanks too

  4. This is amazingly beautiful visceral experience.

  5. Having those beacons in life helps set our direction. It lightens the path the things are dark.

  6. Very arresting shot, I like it.

    Don't worry about the calendar - from here on in it just keeps getting better. The best years are still ahead of you.

  7. Lovely thoughts...I always enjoy your positive outlook (and beautiful photos!).

  8. whatever the next calendar brings you, just have fun and enjoy Christmas...:)

    my first time here in your space and i found another wonderful writer!

  9. may GF na po kau? ahihihi.

  10. Ah lovely beacon! Lots of years ahead...

  11. Well the photo above really shows your talent as artist in photography..and i enjoyed the short story.

  12. Good photo of a thinking man - pensive. And I can't wait to here your karaoke instrumental!

  13. lovely to have a guiding light
    lovely to be so young

  14. Nice pic totomai....

    Advance happy birthday! Hmmm,I guess I have to agree with Kikit. Furthermore, we have the bingo cards and the multiplication table... :)

  15. really? walang Christmas holiday diyan sa Japan? Kung sa bagay, hindi naman sila Christian country..

    anyways, enjoy the season! and your birthday po pala! hehehe... Happy Holidays!

  16. bata ka pa tukayo. nasa BINGO card pa ang age mo :p


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