Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Not all omens portend to bad luck, some indicate a source of inspiration. Early last week, the last snow of winter painted Tokyo City white, a positive omen, I may say.


running shutters sound
unnatural flashes
photography life

Last Saturday, instead of spending my free time in front of the PC, I decided to join the photo walk organized by Flickr Tokyo Photo Session. I’ve been a member of this group since 2008 but last Saturday’s activity was the only 3rd time I took part of. And honestly, I am glad I did it. I thought it was an opportunity to melt the web off my camera, brought by laziness and winter. The weather was tempting enough to be ignored. Prepared my gears the night before (Nikon D80 + 3 lenses, Ricoh GR III P&S) as well as emptied by SD cards.

Arrived at Shimbashi at noon and met with Kid before going to the meeting place. By the way, we stopped first at Matsuya get energized. Finally we arrived at Hamarikyu Park. I thought this place seem familiar, and I was right, it was the same garden where I first attended an FTPS shoot last September 2008. I never imagined that it’s more than a year since I’ve visited the place. It was great to see familiar faces as well as fresh ones. After some quick exchanges of how are you’s and I am’s it was time to shoot. The weather was relatively fine that at some instance it triggered me to take off my jacket. The plum blossoms are everywhere – it is spring. Not my favorite season though, LOL!


Each FTPS member scattered around the area, though at certain occasions we bumped with each other, took some time off to shoot for some chit-chat. One thing that caught our attention was a couple who are being photographed. They donned a Japanese kimono (female was Japanese and male was English, I think). I am not sure if they were about to wed or they just had their wedding. It may seem to be unauthorized on our part, but we continued clicking our shutters to have a capture of them. It was still a photo opportunity nonetheless.


For macro shots, I used my point and shoot camera. To my surprise, a warning flashed on the screen “MEMORY FULL”. Impossible, I thought as I only had a few shots. I checked my camera and the SD card was nowhere to be found. Haha! For a while I thought I prepared but I wasn’t after all. We missed the group as they transferred to another park, so we have to do some walkathon. The walk was enough to lose some of our stored fats.

Second venue of the photoshoot was in Kyu-Shiba-Rikyuu. The place was a little bit smaller than the first one. One thing I like about the place is clarity of the water reflection, not counting the friendliness of the kois. Only a small part of the garden has early spring blooms. But as they say, everything, everyone can be a photography subject. Once again, all the members secure respective spots and let their shutters blast.


The group decided not to go to Hinode pier anymore as the breeze was getting colder and colder. Instead, the group headed to a drink bar. Of course, all of us deserve to relax, and get to know each other or catch up with some old acquaintances. It was a feast. I thought it would never end. It was a consensus, everyone needed more beer so we transferred to another drinking bar. Sorry, I forgot the names of the bars. Good times.


It was a blast and this would not be possible without the help of the organizers. Likewise, a major shout-out to all of the members for keeping the group alive. Now, I can't wait to join next month's photo walk. Until then.

Arigatou Gozaimashita!



  1. uy buhay ka pa pala di na kita nararamdaman hehe

  2. bwahahahaha san pala kayo pumunta nung gabi? bwahahaha

  3. Thanks vin, thanks to my P&S macro capability :-)

  4. member ako ng FTPS mga 2007 pa ata, pero once lang nagpunta sa photowalk. (not counting yung Kawasaki Halloween, kasi humiwalay rin naman tayo nun)

  5. just beautiful @totomai ^_^ sana makasama din ako sa ganyan!

  6. andaya. di man lang nagyaya. pasama naman next time!

  7. beautiful pictures again :) my favorite is the last pic :)

  8. @winnie, nauna ka pa pala sa akin sumali sa FTPS hehe

    @kyoko, punta ka dito japan pero madami din yata diyan mga flickr meet

    @aleng 3rd time this year pa lang haha

    @atty, nasa ski ka kaya nun

    @kit, salamat hehe inuman na

  9. stunningly awesome post!!!

    very enjoyable.

  10. Beautiful images. Thanks for the insights on how you accomplished these.

  11. Lovely...your photos are always so beautiful. You inspire me to learn photography one day.

  12. I really liked your poem and images. A nice photo essay on a perfect day. I only dream right now for the snow and cold to be gone. A few more weeks before the warmth of spring begins.

  13. lovely post..

    thanks for all the awesome tips..wonderful blog

  14. Guess every kept busy with those running shutters. :) It looks like you all had fun.

    Thank you for the nice use of my OSI prompt word, 'running.'
    BTW, spring is here too, in Southeast Texas. I need a nice camera like you have for Spring photos.

  15. Ah, what fun that must have been. Love your haiku and the photos are superb!

  16. I really like that poem. The unnatural flashes is so apt. I've wanted to go on a photowalk but nobody lives where I live! So I do them alone. This looks like fun with other people, tho.

  17. Thanks for sharing Totomai...:)

    It's really cool listening to running shutters for it will produce a masterpiece from someone's eyes like yours!

  18. fun to read a photography poem. Some great photos in your post!


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