Monday, March 1, 2010


Today is my mother's special day. It is her 73rd birthday. And again, as I always say for the nth time, I will be missing the celebration. I really wanted to be there but due to some job responsibilities, I just can't. Probably by next year I can join them to celebrate the occasion.

I may be far away but everytime I remember this incident, I can't help but smile. I think I was in high school when my mother was about to go the grocery and asked me if I needed something. I told her, "Please buy me Peoples (one of the many newspapers in the Philippines)." After she returned, I searched the grocery bags and started looking for the newspaper. I became impatient and told her I can't find it. A bit annoyed, she went to where the bags were placed, and told me, "You are using your mouth while searching for it. Here it is!" To my surprise, she was holding a bottle of pickles! I told her Ma, "it was Peoples not pickles!." LOL!

While growing up, my mother always told us that her biggest dream for me and my brother was to finish our studies. I am proud to say that we were able to fulfill her dream. I finished by BS Chemical Engineering course, and my brother, BS Economics. Thanks Ma for all the support and inspiration not only during our school days but even up to these days. Also, thanks Pa for everything, but Ma was more vocal about her hopes and wishes to us.

Now as you turn another year, one of our wishes for you is to be healthier all year round, away from allergies thats been bothering you, and on the next years to come. Sooner, you will also have your first grandchild and I know you are already excited. All the best Ma.

Everytime I call you on weekends, its like I am just beside you. From how are you's to just hearing your laughters are enough for me to continue working here in the Land of Rising Sun. This coming May or June, I will be home once again and we will have more time again together. See you soon.


As for the meantime, enjoy your day. Reserve one plate for me, I'll be there in spirit. And who says being a Mamas boy is a bad thing? LOL!

Happy Birtday Mama! Palangga ka namon.



  1. you are a very thoughful son John, am sure your mother appreciates and loves you so much. you are both blessed to have each other.

  2. Happy birthday to your mother - suksan wan kert.

  3. thanks ms beth. hehe thoughtfulness lang siguro ang ma gift ko sa iya hehehe

    @Stan, khorb koon kap :-)

  4. happy birthday to your mother totomai! :)

  5. happy bday mama mwahhh love you - ski

  6. Happy Birthday sa Mommy mo Mai...All the best..
    -Emer, Yui & Parcpoom

  7. Thanks Mer. hope to see you and yui and your baby soon :-)

  8. Happy birthday to your mom! That's a lovely post.


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