Sunday, March 7, 2010


Distilling Thoughts turns 3. Today.

Though there’s a steady decline on the number of posts since it started, 72 for 2007, 60 for 2008 and 47 for 2009, this blog is still alive considering it suffered a Coma early last year. Each entry, coupled with photographs, has a personal touch in way or another. One thing is for sure, I am responsible in what I wrote, not to offend the readers as much as possible.

Is there a blog language? Are there any rules to follow while blogging? In case, there is one, does one have to be fluent about this language? There may be one, or maybe none at all, but I can say that as long as you are satisfied with what you blog down, I guess its fine. No limits. No censorship. Free.


distilled private thoughts
most precipitates filtered

Last year, I started another blog, Nalalabing Hibla, it’s in Filipino but I am not that dedicated compared to Distilling Thoughts.

As I always believe that each moment is interesting enough to be noticed, this blog will continue to breathe. It is already a part of my life. Words may be scarce, as sometimes I am running out of words. Sometimes, I find it difficult to express or convey my exact intention and in those times, I am glad I have the photos to support it.

Wow, three years. It all started from a dare, now I am really into it. Thanks everyone for all taking some of your to time to visit this blog and read some of its entries. Last year I thought I’ll be in another country the time this blog hits its 3rd year. But no.

No matter what, I’ll continue to blog. To shoot. To distill thoughts.

Thank you very much.
Maraming Salamat.
Arigato gozaimashita.
Khawp khun khrap.

More blog post to come. More photos to share.

Happy Birtday, Distilling Thoughts!



  1. Elephant Small turned two last month - I feel I've barely started so I'm glad you're going to continue posting on Distilling Thoughts. Always a pleasure to read your words and view your fantastic photography.

  2. Thanks Stan :-) yup, your blog reminds me of Thailand in one or another. Congrats on your 2nd year too.

  3. Congratulations Kababayan!

    No, there's no rules, no limits, no censorship, whatsoever...if it's a decent blog, more will follow you...:)

    I am happy you've reached such a milestone...I've met other Filipino bloggers but I found them not so accommodating with fellow Filipino bloggers, I am happy your not one of them.

    Like you, I often am at a lost for words, but I struggled, knowing fully well that what I blog would give me happiness to me and my blogging buddies who sincerely follow me.

    Don't hesitate...go and survive yet another 3 years and more...:)

    I like your blog...:)

    Have a great week ahead!

  4. Thanks Kabayan!

    I definitely agree with you, if an entry of yours make you happy or satisfied then its perfectly fine :-)

    I'll hope this blog wont end. LOL!

    Salamat and have a nice week too :-)

  5. Happy anniversary! Keep going.

  6. Happy blog birthday Totomai - keep distilling those thoughts!

  7. There should be no hesitation in the expression of thoughts. Those who choose to read can make their own interpretations and conclusions. The end result is not more important than the original thoughts.

  8. I will Dee, thanks :-)

    @Loch, every entry is open too interpretation and I guess that's the fun thing about blogging and reading. :-)

  9. I, for one, am so glad you're here. Your photos and words are always touching. You have a gift for both photography and writing...Happy Blog Birthday. :~)

  10. @SITG, cheers!

    @Mariale, salamat

  11. Happy blog birthday. Keep adding your voice to the communal conversation.

  12. Congrats! I just started blogging this year (Jan) can be tough to keep it going...and a little intimidating, too. I hope that I, too, reach the same milestone you've gotten to.

  13. @Robin, it can be intimidating indeed but at the same time, very challenging. You can do it :-)

  14. CONGRATULATIONS totomai! What can I say... keep the thoughts coming.

  15. Happy Blog Birthday! Glad to hear you're going to keep posting!

  16. Belated happy three years old to this blog. I'm going home soon and I might not be able to keep mine. Let's see :)

  17. You have such a gift for distilling perception through the lens of your camera and your words. Happy anniversary!

  18. tukayo congrats at happy 3rd anniBLOGsary! sabi nga ni Robin: "h'wag kang bibitiw... h'wag kang aayaw!"

    isa itong blog mo sa maraming blog sa blogosperyo na kakaiba at "malaman". sabi ng ng kanta, "if a picture paints a thousand words..." itong distillingthoughts, hindi lang magagandang larawan ang ipinapakita mo pati na rin yung malikhain mong mga panulat. ayan, medyo malalim na Tagalog. hehe...

  19. @kikit, salamat

    @gabrielle, thank you so much

    @tukayo, ang lalim a. paki ilonggo nman hehe salamat uli

  20. di ko kabalo maghambal ilonggo :P


any thoughts to distill?

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