Sunday, July 4, 2010


Last Thursday, my contract was renewed. It’s my second year (it should have been my third if I didn’t decide to go back to Philippines last 2006). Further, I just realized that I've been working for a decade and this must be the reason why I’m slowly losing my strands. LOL!

I graduated last 1999 and started working a year after. I worked in a manufacturing firm for two years. Everything was going on the right direction until one day, the company owner decided to permanently cease its operation. I will be jobless then. Oh, I was jobless.


I sent lots of application via snail mails. Believe it or not, online application was not an in-thing during those times. And while waiting for an interview or exam, I decided to be a part-time tutor. At first, it was fun and later I found it to be very exhausting. But it was for this part-time job that I was able to survive.

I promised to myself during those times that, regardless of what company it is, as long as it will be the first one to hand me a job offer, I will accept it right away. It may sound like a desperation act but yeah, I was desperate that time. But I didn’t tell my family in the province about this. I knew I can handle it.

Few months later, I was hired by an engineering design firm. Loyal to the promise, I accepted the offer even the salary was half that what I was receiving in my previous company. And a few days later, lots of companies were calling for job offers. But I decided to stay in this engineering firm. Less than a year of working, I was assigned for an overseas job in Japan. That was my first-out-of-country trip. I worked for three years here.

I quit and decided to work abroad. Obviously, one of the reasons was monetary. I was hired by a company in Japan for a year. Due to some problems back home I decided not to renew my contract.

I was jobless for four months (see, because of bumhood I started writing blogs!).

Out of nowhere, I got a call from a work agency asking me if I am willing to work in Thailand. (Perhaps this was one of my many applications that I have forgotten). I said YES! It was a one year contract and this time, the company decided not to renew my contract.

Back in the Philippines, I received another job offer from another overseas company. I was about to sign the contract when one of my former bosses in Japan sent me an email asking if I am willing to go back there. It wasn’t easy. I’ve been thinking the pros and cons of returning to an old company, the advantages and disadvantages of being in a new work environment.

Decisions. Decisions.

I finally returned to my former company. I am now working with my former company. There were chances and business opportunities given to me outside Japan. So far, so good. I have some personal concerns and issues but that would be another topic. Haha!

Anyway, looking from the very start of my professional life, I can say that those decisions I made, be it desperately or well-thought of, were spot-on. I can’t imagine the outcome of my career if I didn’t take that route. The same way if those decisions lead me to a not-so-okay outcome.

But as they say (clichéd as it may be), there’s should be no room for regrets, only room for improvements, no matter what.

Here’s for another decade of working. Hoping not as an engineer. Haha!



  1. It is good that you can look back and see all the twists and turns in your journey to get where you are now. Even better, is the realization that each one was necessary and got you to the next, and the next. Sometimes, life seems like such a tied up knot, but then we unravel the knot and find that continuing is what we have been doing all along. Best of luck,


  2. It's all nice work if you can get it...
    Seriously, the opportunity to travel to different countries is one that you should grasp with both hands.
    Ten years from now... ... ?

  3. @Elizabeth thanks. it's always been expect the unexpected scenario. i hope those were good decisions after all.

    @Stan I am enjoying it actually though preparing the reports after each travel are ho-hum haha. i'll try to think about my next plan haha

  4. good luck to you and I hope you are happy! Sounds exciting!

  5. You've definitely encountered forks in the road, but have ended up in the right place. I guess I believe that most of us make decisions in life that bring us to that 'right place.' Enjoy your opportunities as they come.

  6. Thanks Mary. I will embrace all the opportunities :-)

  7. I am glad you are working. That is quite a story, and you must be very good at what you do as your former employer asked you to return. Hurrah for you, Totomai!

  8. @Diane, thanks, I want to think that way. lol.

    @Viv, i will

  9. sounds to me like an adventure one right after another.. we can never second guess coulda shoulda woulda.. i like your attitude...

  10. Good writing skill, very detailed and well laid story. Hope i could write my post the same way.

  11. @OMB, no need to toss the coin. haha. come what may

    @akino, thanks. i know you can :-)

  12. after all you said and done, i believe you are on the right track.

  13. As one who is just recently now on the other side of the work (I just retired), I read this with interest. Your bravery in following a work muse has lead you down unexpected paths leading you to expanded horizons. I applaud you.


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