Sunday, September 12, 2010


Everything passes, whether you like or not. It's beyond one's control. It's a spontaneous phenomenon that cannot be altered no matter how hard one tries.

These past few days, I try to appreciate all the things that came my way, whether it's favorable to me or not. It is my way of seeing the real earth I'm living in. Being an expat and all that, every day is full of surprises and enables me to learn a thing or two.

The world also offer unlimited opportunities. Grab every chance you have. Enjoy the moments, grab a camera, write a diary, pen a poem. Relive that time until you die.

soar to the moon
flash of two-second canvass
a passing moment


Being a photo-hobbyist, before I used to regret not capturing "that moment" with my camera. It would been a great shot, I often thought. But now, it's making me more appreciative of these faster-than-a-wink-of-an-eye real-life slideshows. Ah, sometimes you just have to sit back, relax with a beer or two and with the camera on the ground (few meters away from you).

Appreciate what you have now. What's around you. And be ready to be surprised by upcoming moments. Be it a good or not-so-good one.

Just be thankful that you are still alive.



  1. Lovely haiku, a charming photo and an engaging writeup.. thanks for sharing!

  2. happy thoughts this weekend. thanks DL

  3. I agree with totally with the comment of The Dark Lord.. everything is beautiful and inspiring.. WOW!

  4. Thanks Ramesh :-) have a great sunday

  5. Every day is an opportunity. I like the spirit of this!

  6. I've never been a photographer at all - I can't stand to stop watching and start snapping! Perhaps I need to do the opposite of your advice and start taking a few, at least every once in awhile...

  7. What wonderful advice you offer...every second is a snapshot moment and so many times we don't even notice them as they pass by. Your photo is stunning!

  8. beautiful thoughts to ponder John, your shot is very inspiring too.

  9. @twitches, yes, maybe its worth a try

    @SITG, sometimes, smallest details need to be noticed too :-)

    @Ms beth, thanks gid. kis a na lang ko naga blog hehe

  10. Highly spirited words, Haiku & a picture. Thanks for sharing.

  11. lovely shot! keeep it up!

  12. as always it is such a pleasure to visit and read yr latest post... it is a wonderful place where yr thoughts are reflecting... and too fotos are superb.... the shot of the red turning tower [for lack of better words] i loved when you first exposed during an earlier post of one of yr travels... good to see it shining every day...


any thoughts to distill?

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