Saturday, August 21, 2010


Wow, I can't believe I missed my 4th Flickr Birthday. I must have been very busy with other things during that time. Even for a while, I have forgotten the existence of my flickr account. The addiction has certainly died down but I'm still hoping that I will have this interest to continue to post one photo a day to share to my friends in flickrville.

Four years, 1565 uploaded photos, 4 cameras.

Earlier today, while relaxing after cleaning my place, I started browsing my flickr account and it was like a time travel. I can still vividly recall how, where did I take these photos. Seeing these photos again, I thought I should have save them properly. A few weeks ago my external hard drive crashed containing thousands of photos I took for 4 years. I am trying hard to recover these files.

I started with a Casio EX-Z40, Nikon D80, Ricoh GR III and a new one which I forgot.

In celebration of my 4th flickr birthday, allow me to share the 10 most popular photos in my flickr photo stream. Let me take you back from year 2006 to 2010.

Shoe, uploaded May 1 2007, Casio EX-Z40


Bouquet, uploaded Oct 23 2006, Casio EX-Z40


Fantasy, uploaded Oct 29 2008, Nikon D80


At Day's Break, uploaded Nov 13 2006, Casio EX-Z40

at days break

Gundam, Jun 27 2009, Nikon D80


Poppies, Apr 16 2009, Nikon D80


Deep, May 4 2007, Casio EX-Z40


Serenity, Jul 15 2008, Nikon D80


Penguin, Sep 26 2006, Casio EX-Z40


Farewell, Aug 5 2009, Nikon D80


Going through my online photo album again, a spark of inspiration enveloped me. Although time is not allowing me to take hundred of photos nowadays and my photography muse is currently in coma, I will try not to stop clicking even it will produce a good or not so good shot. It is a good stress reliever.

And before I end this blog, here's the very first shot I uploaded in flickr. LOL! Indeed, photographs are time travel machines.


Totomai will still continue to point and shoot. In every opportunity that comes his way.



  1. Great pictures! The very first photo you ever flickrd is amazing. I love your work. It's good to have found your blog.

  2. Thanks Brenda. photography is keeping me sane haha

  3. Beautiful photos, Totomai. Haven't seen you around the blogosphere for a while. Nice to see you.

  4. yes Mary, was very busy the past few weeks :-)

  5. I love the penguin picture so much. Congratulations on your fourth.

  6. Great record of your journey through time.

  7. Every image a gem. My favourite is serenity, with the poppies a close second. Amazing breadth of vision enabling you to post such a variety of photos. Thank you for your time travelling.

  8. Thanks Viv! Hope I can continue this addiction :-)

  9. I absolutely loved Serenity. Wonderful.

  10. I loved all the photos, beautiful array that points back at a very creative eye. I hope you continue with your addiction as well.


  11. thanks TLHW!

    @elizabeth,,, fingers-crossed

  12. wonderful avocation Totomai, keep going...


  13. Congrats Kuya! I know for a fact, that you inspired a lot of newcomers to the wonderful world of photography with your shots. Well, surely.. you inspired me.

  14. Congrats on your anniversary Totomai...
    Yes, please keep on taking pictures.

    You really are an inspiration to me. Whenever my creative well has dried, I always visit your blog for inspiration and to rekindle that love for photography...


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