Friday, December 24, 2010


Found myself in a Japanese dental clinic few weeks ago. I was nursing a toothache. Despite my constant struggle with the language, the atmosphere was very relaxing. No thanks to the anesthesia. It was the instrumental Christmas carols playing that made me comfortable. All of a sudden, I felt I was home.

Ah, carols dominating the airwaves is a sign of Christmas. With all honesty, I was surprised of what I heard in the clinic since Japan is not known to be a Christian country but still they are celebrating it. Not sure if it's for traditional or commercial purposes.


Yesterday, at the domestic airport, a group of young carolers welcomed the guests and arriving visitors to Bacolod City. It's funny listening to some words pronounced incorrectly. Zoom. It made me remember the years when I joined a group of carolers pestering the neighborhood with our music and improvised instruments. Bottle caps, anyone?

I am home right now. And aside from being with my family, I am enjoying listening to Christmas carols playing 24/7.

What a joyous way to celebrate this Christmas season.

Merry Christmas Everyone!



  1. Kala ko enjoying food 24/7 .. LOL

  2. Lovely thumbnail glimpses of life around Christmas celebration! Beautiful!

  3. Love the image of celebration around the world. Hope you have a wonderful time,


  4. H Elizabeth,

    I am having one right now. Hope yours is great too!


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