Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Double three. Yes, today I turn 33.


An hour past noon, more than three decades ago, I had my first cry. I was born and a bit overweight then. No need to point that out since I am overweight now too despite being underweight during my school years. I am the first child of Nilda and Cezar who were the happiest parents on earth last December 29, 1977.

They are one of the earliest to greet me. Earlier than my alarm clock. Mama wakes me up with this kiss while Papa starts playing a Happy Birthday cd. I wonder why they are up this early.

And I remember that today, my parents are scheduled for check-up (including lab tests) and my birthday wish is for them to have normal results. This wish is beyond anyone's control but still I am hoping everything will turn out fine. In half-a-month, I will be going back to Japan again and I want to be sure that I need not to worry.

If last year wishes were more about me, this time it's for my family, especially to the two people who give their all to provide me and my brother all the support and needs since birth until now. My personal wishes can wait for a while.

Being 32 was a blast. The past 365 days were spectacular, there may be some low points but it was there to balance out everything. (Maybe this would be another blog entry).

Positivity this thirty-three. Cheers!



  1. Happy Birthday!

    Wishing you more ladies to come! :P

  2. @Winnie, that's my wish for you too. THanks!

  3. Happy birthday ulit Kuya Totomai! Talaga bang may graffiti jan or you just photoshopped it?

  4. happy birthday Tomai!! same wish with Winnie here! :p

  5. alvin, i vandalize! thanks thanks!

    @kuya lala, salamat. yan din wish ko sa yo lol

  6. Many Happy Returns of the Day, Tomai, and a Happy New Year! You are one of the lucky few that gets a birthday wish and a new year wish in one breath from others every year. How nice!

  7. Happy 33rd birthiday - the thirties are the best years! I hope your parents tests are OK.

  8. 33 is a fine place and space to be. Great way to begin each New Year. Hope the tests come out to your wishes, and have a good one,


  9. tuks... bata pa yan. sabi nga nila "life begins at 40". hehehe... kasabihan yan ng mga nasa edad 30 pataas... :P


  10. Happy Birthday :) I'm new to the blogging world and followed your link here from Writer's Island. Sounds like you had a beautiful birthday. I wish you many more!


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