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If I remember correctly, it was during the 80's when I first heard about a haunted house in Negros Occidental, specifically in Silay City. It was an abandoned abode and locals tend to believe that there are ghosts or supernatural beings residing on this ancestral house. A mere illusion. Or not.


I thought it stayed as a "haunted house" but was surprised to know that it was converted into a museum called Balay Negrense. My first visit to Balay Negrense was last Holy Week of 2007. I think during that time the entrance fee was 25 pesos only. There weren't too many people during our visit, thus it made the atmosphere creepier. At some point I was scared. Really.


Some history of the this ancestral house

The Balay Negrense was originally the ancestral house of Victor F. Gaston, a son of Yves Leopold Germain Gaston and Prudencia Fernandez. The elder Gaston is credited as one of the pioneers of sugarcane cultivation in this portion of the Philippine archipelago. A native of Normandy in France, he married a Filipina from Batangas where he initially began experimenting with sugar production before relocating to Negros.

Built in 1897, the structure housed Victor Gaston and his twelve children from 1901 until his death in 1927. more here


I had some weird experiences after the visit which I connected right away to Balay Negrense. After checking the photos I took, I tried copying them to my PC. Other photos were transferred except all shots from Balay Negrenses. I thought I am just scaring myself. A self-made illusion. Don't worry as I was able to successfully copy the pictures after a couple of days.


ghosts of yesteryears

escort travels to the past

preferred on evenings

The second floor is my favorite area since it's the creepiest. From the family pictures, bedrooms, toys, dining room, kitchen. A peek to life of hacienderos. I thought they were one of the powerful families in Negros.


Last 2010, I brought some of my friends to Balay Negrense but this time, the atmosphere was lighter since it's Christmas season and lots of visitors (mostly students) were also there during our visit.

If you are in Bacolod City, have a half-day tour to this place in Silay City. With only a 45 pesos entrance, you'll have a glimpse of the past.



  1. Fascinating story and pictures - and interesting to know that Gaston was from my neck of the woods!

  2. Wow! I love haunted houses. It was such fun learning about this one - thanks!

  3. @Viv, interesting! :-)

    @LV, i love the creepier one though

    @RM, thanks, it seems that you arent updating your blog? hehe

  4. how is dwight gaston related to the owner of that house?

  5. mitch, sino si dwight? actually madami pa ding Gaston ngayon sa Silay. nakapunta ka dito?

  6. This is good one..took me time to read.. but I am happy that I did..

  7. I love the photos. Now, you really make me want to go ahead and visit Bacolod. It's been a plan of mine to go there this year. Definitely visiting this place.

  8. creepy, this one Totomai...

    gusto kong puntahan yang lugar na yan, out of curiosity but it is so far from my place, I am from the far north of our country...Cagayan Valley!

    your haiku is truly eerie too! good take...!

  9. thanks kay, yeah, you should visit bacolod maybe this oct - masskara celebration

    @amity, salamat punta na. malapit lang yan hehehe

  10. Sir,

    Just put in some new photos. I plan to create a new photo-blog. Something a little less personal. :)

  11. How interesting to visit !

    Please have a good new week.

    daily athens

  12. I want to live in a house like this. I am serious.

    I am a fan of old houses, they didn't creep me out.

  13. @RM, great shots! nice to know that both of you are into photography

    @pan, yup, i will

    @TW, thanks

    @Jack, same here. lol. but i dont want to be alone haha

  14. spooky,,, and each photo captured it...


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