Monday, February 21, 2011



South Korea that is. I always thought that Japan and Korea are twins. But the more I visit Korea the differences are becoming more obvious. I was in Korea last week for a 3-day business trip. It was actually my 8th visit, and all of them are work-related. Can I still say, lucky me? Or not. The longest stay I had was for 2 weeks when I was assigned in one of the refineries in the island of Yeosu. I’ve been to Seoul and Ulsan too.


My first visit was in 2008 and was very surprised how fast taxi drivers are. Well, not only taxis were flying on the highways but as well as buses and private cars. I can’t help but compare it to the drivers in Japan. But now I am getting used to it, with or without the seat belt.

ulsan 577

I am not a fan of Korean food in general. However, I do like some of Korean dishes – samgyetang, eel, pork bbq and orating. Every is a feast. You’ll never get hungry in Korea as long as your stomach can take in all the foods served including the unlimited appetizers. I usually just stop once the aloe vera juice is served. Haha! I am still biased for Japanese food.


Just like in Japan, karaoke bars and massage centers are popular in Korea too. But Korea karaoke bars are way more exciting. It has something to offer other than singing. Go to Korea to figure it out. Massage rates are almost the same for both countries though. Which is better? Hmm.


Hotels and its all artificial lightings. Honestly, I found hotels to be depressing no matter how well-maintained they are. I don't have other options on where to stay during business trips. But yeah, each night is a very long night.

Just a side note: one of my happier experiences in Korea.


I want to further explore Korea. And hopefully next time it will be for a vacation. Being in a work-related trip limits your chance to discover and of course, take photos of the said country. But I wouldn't mind if I will be assigned for another job there.


I still have a long road ahead of me. Being a full-time engineer. And a part-time photographer.



  1. Gusto ko ding pumunta sa Korea, pero mukhang north lang ata pasok sa budget ko heeeheee :p

  2. punta na. :-) mura lang naman doon

  3. Lovely description. I think the Korean food its the same of Birmania, but with sweet spice.In Birmania, communist government have forbidden the sweet spice, cause "the sweet flavor" can have a function of reminder of the cruelty of birmanian capitalism past, and can affect seriously at the people. It's not a joke, Cris. Regards

  4. wow! nice post. para na rin ako nakapunta sa korea. hehehe.

  5. Thanks for that interesting info, Ziberial

    @Richard, salamat. punta na korea :-)

  6. nice. isa ito sa mga gusto ko puntahan sa asya along with bhutan, japan, china & india

  7. like the 2nd and 6th photo a lot. wish I could afford to go to Korea in the future. :)

  8. Thanks. I think the airfare is pretty cheap.

  9. I'm was adopted from Korea


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