Sunday, April 17, 2011


SPRINGTIME IN JAPAN. I always associate hope and new beginnings to spring. And Japan needs strength to rebuild and move on. It's been more than a month since the March 11 earthquake and Japan, unfortunately, continues to experience countless aftershocks. Hopefully, everything will be still soon.

once a shackled earth
broken and rocked forever
be still Dear Japan

Despite of getting a pollen allergy during this time, I still look forward to it. Along the streets, you can see buds growing and trying to carpet the sidewalks. It would be concrete paradise anytime soon, in my prefecture of course.


Also, it is about time to abuse my webbed macro lens. Shooting blooms with macro lens it's a time travel of sort. It brings you to another dimension, showing off details that can't easily be noticed by our eyes.


Sometimes, you have to appreciate the small things around you. You may miss an golden opportunity if you only look forward to big and easily found items. Ah, spring. Thank you for painting the town in pastel.


During spring, sakura (cherry blossoms) in Japan is very popular, both to locals and foreigners. There are lots of sakura varieties but, yeah, shame on me, I can't really name one kind. I took an emergency leave to the Philippines for a week and when I returned to Japan I was surprised that sakura was already in full bloom. Considering that sakura only shows-off for a week (or two), I decided to go around the neighborhood one Sunday afternoon and these are all what I got.


It was good to see lots of Japanese in the park, enjoying the spring season. Most of them are with their family and friends, having BBQ, picnic. It was a picture of normal Japan. For a short time, no trace of tragedy on their faces.


Japan is on its way to recovery. Sooner than everyone thinks.


For the days, months, or years to come. I can only hope BE STILL JAPAN.

Help Japan, if you can.

Gambare Nihon!



  1. This is lovely have made a very compassionate use of the prompt.. I join you in prayers.. beautiful photos too...

  2. A very beautiful, moving post! The photos are exquisite, but what lingers are the final words in your poem..."Be still dear Japan"...

  3. How are you Gemma? Hope you are fine too. Thanks/.

  4. The tsunami certainly unshackled Japan. It seems that the nuclear reactor disaster is leading to even more unshackling. How difficult, then, for Japan to be still. Yet it will manage, I suppose...

    Dancing Shadow Tree Unshackled

  5. My prayers to Japan.
    Loved your poem and the pics

  6. Comparing Japan to shackled and unshackled is brilliant and so close to your heart. Prayers to you and them.
    Beautiful photos!!

  7. shackled earth broken open and now Japan is shackled under the rubble, very poignant haiku.

  8. galing bruh... i was very moved! agreeing so, while coping with my annual pollen allergy too, i do remember staying in tokyo in 2005 just in time for the first sakura bloom! a sight for a sore eye... praying with you dear, be still Japan ;) gb

  9. A most moving entry and your pictures are appreciated. Thanks for sharing.

  10. eeeekkkk! those shots are FANTASTIC!

  11. Nice shots! Love the macro and they look nice as phone screen saver (especially the 3rd pic)

  12. i know this comment comes a little late. but still i'd like to tell you (again) how beautiful your photos are. sugoi ne! :)

  13. hi Totomai. Its been a long time since I checked out your blog. I like taking pictures of flowers too. hope you're well.

  14. Ughh those sakura... I want to see them! @_@

  15. Heartfelt, poetic and lyrical post, and gorgeous photography, of course. Very wonderful, inspiring post. :) A refreshing read from the usual fare of random experiences and reviews and press releases.


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