Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Despite the fact that it has 31 days, the month of May, for me, was the quickest month this year. Today is the 31st and I thought yesterday was only May 1st. Time really flies.


For this month, I only spent 5 days in Japan office and the rest of the days were for business trips. I stayed in the US for more than 20 days and 2 days for on-site work in a Japanese refinery. Both were great venues for continuous learning and career development. Being a process / chemical engineer, one has to seek improvement and development of existing processes and the likes. I may not be that experienced yet but I am willing to accept everything that comes my way as a challenge and hopefully I can be very useful in the near future. Or if not, I’ll just have a career change as a photographer.

winking through the days
days and nights overlapping
endure the busy life

Talking about photography, I wasn’t able to shoot that much. I missed lots of photowalks already due to some commitments and priorities. I usually bring my Ricoh GRIII and I rarely use my Nikon D80 and I have a one-year old unused camera. Yes, it is still inside the box. I wonder when and where I am going to use it. This month I also received an invitation from Getty Images but until now I wasn’t able to reply to them. Legalities are quite complicated and I don’t want to spend much time trying to decipher everything. I am also planning to publish a photography book but until now, it looks like only a dream. Can anyone help me? I suck at editing and lay-out. Oh, I want to try glamour photography again.

I was totally foreign to blogosphere this month too. I wasn’t able to read blogs nor write an entry. I kept on thinking whether I was awake during this month or I was into some slumber of sort. That’s how you feel a one month seems to be one day only.

Just to be sure, is it really June tomorrow? Please confirm.

I can't afford to wink again or I will totally miss June.



  1. tama na kasi ang work pasyal ka na kasi

  2. sagutin mo nga pamasahe ko hehe

  3. toinks. pag nakapunta ako uli jan haha

  4. time is short when one is busy. ok lang yan mai, blessing yan. in fact, i find your job quite interesting. say hello to japan for me. :)

  5. hi Kit, musta buhay may asawa hehe. interesting din naman kaso minsan nakakapagod hehe :-)

  6. 'Endure the busy life'...wonderful way to use the prompt.

  7. Nice article, thanks for sharing.

  8. waaah.. didn't realise i felt the same way! nawala ang mayo ko kaka-lakwatsa sa iba't ibang bansa and of course habol update sa work! LOL love the pic bruh! take rest na, and come here!


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