Monday, June 27, 2011


Three more days to go and June 2011 will be history. It looks like days are being blown away in a very abrupt manner. Sound familiar? That was almost the opening line I had on my last month’s blog. It’s becoming more and more difficult to write something especially when you are pre-occupied with other things. I am a bit busier these days and I still think it’s better than having no work at all. I don’t want to be in a state of bumhood once again.

Oftentimes, I usually take a vacation in June but it was impossible this year. After my business trip in US last May, I visited a local refinery here in Japan for some field work. That’s how my month of June started. And three weeks later, I went to Singapore for a training / workshop of our equipment. I totally forgot to file my vacation leave. I didn’t have any plan to write a blog until I saw this picture on my desktop. It screams home. Hopefully, I can go home this December. Or else. Haha!


A few days ago, some of my fellow photo enthusiast-friends pop up the plan of a photowalk. Everyone seems interested with the idea but nothing is definite yet. I really wanted to abuse my cameras once again. It’s been ages since I last joined a photo walk or a photo activity. I brought my camera when I went to Singapore but since my mind is more focused on my job, I was pretty disappointed with my shots. Thus, I need an activity wherein it's only about photography and food, of course.

I am finally giving Distilling Thoughts a new look. I should have changed its lay-out last March on its 4th birthday but I didn’t have the energy to do it. It was always plan, plan, plan and then blown away by other priorities. I may change the lay-out again but right now I just to see simplicty in my blogsite. I know, I am not very good in this aspect but I am trying. Choosing the appropriate template for this blog is already a challenge.

I hope this new lay-out would be more reader friendly.

Don’t worry, I still shoot, blog and distill thoughts. Even in dreams.

Welcome to my new thoughts distillery. Suggestion is very much welcome.



  1. thanks mitch :-) kita kits sa sunod. tagal ko na din di naka bisita sa u

  2. woww ganda same color mo muna bf

  3. kakulay ko na ba bespren? adik lol

  4. nice nice!! i like the color.. kaaya-aya sa mata...

  5. Love the color and new look and I know how you feel. I felt the same at moment since I've been shift to new departments cause lot of new thing or lesson to catch up with. But remember "just one day out of life it would be so nice" ha..ha.. so I guess we need a holiday. salamat.

  6. Thanks pot!

    @Rajah, salamat din. oo syadong bugbog sa work lately

  7. Hey, just discovered the new theme. I like, I like! :)

  8. Thanks Kit. bingago ko na naman. haha

  9. idoL pa rin kita, tuks! ikaw ang unang photo blogger na hinangaan ko sa husay mag-photo shoot! kahit luma pa ang blog layout. hehe

    impeyrness, maganda ang brown theme ng bagong layout ha. ;)

  10. tuks, haha kulang ka yata sa kape ngayon nambobola ka e. haha. sayang sa sunod nating kita, wala ka ng give away haha


any thoughts to distill?

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