Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Today, at around 1400H, we were instructed to go home early due to the forecasted low-pressure system which was expected to bring strong winds and heavy rains in the evening. It was certain that the transportation will be affected. Some of my officemates stayed and continued to work, while some, including myself, went home.


I and a Japanese officemate took the train at 1500H, as predicted, it was jam-packed. We decided not to transfer to rapid train since it's more prone to delays. We thought that we made the right decision until the local train stopped. Announcements were heard at the station, and of course, I didn't understand any of it. Luckily, I was with my Japanese friend and he patiently explained to me the situation. We went out of the JR line and walked 15-20 mins to Keisie Line amidst the strong winds and rains. It took more than 2-hours before finally reaching our station. (During normal days, it only takes 45 min to 1 hr).

According to news reports, this is the strongest storm that hit tokyo since 1959. Quoting some part of the articles.
Japanese airlines canceled hundreds of flights, some train services were halted and thousands of workers went home early as some of the strongest winds in more than 50 years hit Tokyo today. more here 
Even at this very moment, I can still hear the winds howling and forcing its way to enter my room. There might be rain, but I'm too lazy to check outside. Staying at the 7th floor doesn't help. These hums will be my lullaby for tonight. Well, a sigh of relief though is that there's no power interruption, as far as power supply in our area is concerned.

Be safe everyone! Especially to those who are stranded on their way home.

Hopefully the sun will shine brightly tomorrow and the damages will only be minimal, or nothing at all.



  1. Stay safe sir totomai! I hope no one gets hurt because of the storm, and hopefully no damages too.. >.<

    1. thanks Sumi-chan. today is a perfect day. no more signs of storm

  2. I actually never experienced a full typhoon in Japan. Good thing because I normally walked 3kms round trip between home and the company.


    1. this is my first time. last year i was in europe and 2 years ago i was in the philippines.


  3. that is sooooo cool, all that white and a figure in the corner there!!

  4. I love the immediacy of this piece and of course the stunning photograph.

  5. Glad you made your way home safely. And I hope that you slept the storm away in your dreams. :)

  6. inevitably, the worst storms will happen when the airports are the most crowded

    the river


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