Saturday, September 7, 2013


Erik Matti’s latest masterpiece OTJ (On the Job) is still currently being shown in the Philippines, now on its second week. I am no movie critic or expert but I knew this film would be something different after seeing the teaser trailer. The public has a general consensus on how good the movie is. And reading all the positive reviews made me want to watch the film badly.

One of my favorite Filipino films is Erik Matti’s The Arrival. Aside from the fact that some dialogues are in Ilonggo, I found it to be a poetic piece. Though never released commercially back home, I was thankful that I was able to see it. 

Another mind behind OTJ (story, screenplay) is Michiko Yamamoto. I can still remember the time when I first saw her in one of the gatherings here in Japan. When introduced, I though her name sounded similar to the writer of Magnifico. Later on I realized that she was indeed Michiko Yamamoto, the writer of Magnifico. And I was Jacklord then. Haha! 

Among her other works are Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros and Zombadings

With their creative minds combined, I know OTJ will set a milestone in Philippine Cinema. I hope that their ideas never cease to blossom because it will certainly be a good thing especially to moviegoers like me. More collaboration please.

Congratulations again! 



  1. With the prompt "Blossom" I half expected you to mention the beautiful but sad German film "Cherry Blossoms" set mainly in Japan. Sadly in Australia we get very few if any Philippino films. One day perhaps.

    1. now i'm interested and will try to findCherry Blossoms

  2. A great composition, Perfect using B&W.
    Well seen!

  3. I love the way the light makes patterns through the hat - lovely!

    1. The patterns inspired me to write this blog :)

  4. Two of my workmates who watched the movie are amazed. Must find time to watch it. :)

  5. when i read it in an article in rappler, i immediately got that feel of wanting to watch it.


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