Friday, October 4, 2013


I have been working as a Process Engineer for a decade and eight out of those ten years, in overseas. Currently, I am in Japan and this country is turning to be my second home. Being in Japan for 7 years, I feel like I am turning Japanese especially when it comes to work ethics.


Next week, the company is sending me for a two-week training and technical meeting. I'd like to think that I am doing my job well especially with the trust and support the company is giving me. I have been to various meetings, refinery start-ups, trouble shootings, trainings in various parts of the world. Exploring the places I've never been is only secondary to the knowledge that I will acquire from these assignments and responsibilities.

To be honest, 95% of my trips abroad are brought by my job. Almost every month I am out of Japan meeting clients, giving presentations, perform operations to oil and gas markets. And I am thankful for each opportunity that comes my way.  It is a challenging job that I never imagined to be in someday when I was still studying. I just hope that my health can keep up though. Earlier this year, I got influenza after visiting a refinery in Taiwan.  Whew!

My life here is fast-paced. My job is always in a rush. This is my life. 

Life of a salaryman.



  1. Always in a rush, but so full of interest! Fine photo.

    1. yeah - but i wish to pause for a while too haha

  2. Sounds like a career crammed with surprises and opportunities. Love the quiet, thoughtful feeling in your photo.

    1. Thanks Gemma. Yeah, can't really complain, i love my job

  3. Fast-paced but satisfying and fulfilling I guess

  4. Wonderful photo! I agree to Gemma. I love the quiet and thoughtful atmosphere!


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