Friday, November 1, 2013


It’s Halloween and someone is waiting for you at the dark end of the street. Be scared. Not.

 Last Sunday, I went to Kawasaki with my friends and fellow photo enthusiasts to take part at the annual Halloween Parade. As expected it’s a jam-packed labyrinth filled with mortals and immortals. You have to appreciate the creativity of the participants. For a day, it felt like you were in a fantasy world.


After missing it last year, I felt like it’s my first time to experience this event. In fact, it’s my 6th in seven years. As I declared in my previous blogs about this event, it is a good chance to take portraitures with my macro lens. Yes, I prefer using my 105 mm macro lens than my 50 mm lens (which is defective by the way).


These participants tried to up their game too. Aside from being a fairy, a zombie, a ghost, a cartoon character, they also show their human side, as a photographer competing with humans.


My friends were visiting during this time and I invited them to join me in Kawasaki. Their baby, who donned a Halloween costume, was quite popular. It must be because of her big round eyes.


This post may be a bit rushed but I have to post it just in time for Halloween celebration.


See you all next year. If I am still here. 



any thoughts to distill?

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