Monday, November 18, 2013


Maraming salamat po!

Thank you for helping the Philippines in times of need. In return, allow me to send you a photo taken in the Philippines as an act of appreciation. I did the same thing to those who helped Japan recover from the devastation caused by the March 11 Japan earthquake and felt there’s a need to do it again.


I am a Filipino and photography is one of my hobbies. As an appreciation for the help you've given, I will be sending you an A4-sized print of a photograph of your choice from my favorite shots of the Philippines. See photos below.

at days break

a flight from the sea
arrives unexpectedly
murmurs of despair

It’s been more than a week since Typhoon Haiyan (Bagyong Yolanda) devastated the Philippines especially regions 7 and 8. It will take time for the islands to recover, rebuild, heal but we are getting there with your help. Kababayans or fellow Filipinos back home and abroad are thankful for all the help you have given during this very difficult time. Philippines is needing all the help and support it can get from local and international communities.

If you want other photos, please check MY FLICKR PILIPINAS SET. I don't have the original files of some photos though since most of them were lost after my HD crashed. As of the moment, I only plan to print and deliver (to any part of the world) 20 photos. That means the first 20 readers of this blog who can show me the proof / receipt of donation (any amount, you can even hide the amount), can receive the photo of their choice. I can also send to you the original file of the photo of your choice, if you prefer. I would appreciate if you can place in the comment section the photo of your choice or you can send me a direct email. I will handle the printing and delivery (no frames will be provided though). Just contact me at totomai @ (no space)

Once again, thank you very much for all the help you have given to our country, the Philippines. 

M A R A M I N G   S A L A M A T    P O ! ! !



  1. I like the boatmen pic.., Together we stand, United we are strong #Relief operation for #Yolanda.

    Carmela Reyes, Singapore


    I will send the proof to your email.

  2. I think photography is a little bit more than a hobby for you. Your work is stunningly beautiful. Let's hope recovery in the Philippines is efficiently handled and your nation can rebuild promptly to ease the suffering.

    1. i enjoy taking photos especially if i have nothing to do. so it's still more of a hobby.
      thanks for your wishes i hope filipinos can recover soon. salamat

  3. I love it all especially the ADOBO! :)

  4. love this gesture of you John, and your photos shows so much your burning passion for what you do, lovely pics

    1. thanks miss beth. my own way of saying thank you :)

  5. I agree with Old (and words) are far more than a hobby..I think the first image is very striking - the hope of light ahead amidst the black and white landscape..

    1. Thanks Jae. the first pic was taken in Japan but i thought it would be very relevant to the blog's story

  6. Wow...this was powerful. Thank you!


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