Friday, January 31, 2014


Today is the last day of the first month of 2014. Allow me to share my 13 moments from last year. It’s a bit late but I’ve been pretty loaded with workloads, I can barely check my blog and other social media accounts. But, I still shoot, mostly with my mobile phone though.


The below events are enough to let you know how my year was.

Who would have thought that I will do it? But I did. It was an amazing experience. If I have another chance, if my budget allows, I would like to do a sunset jump. My favorite shot.


2 Wimbledon

I don’t really play tennis but I enjoy watching it. I always dream to watch a Grand Slam event and it happened last year, at Wimbledon. I also got a chance to see one of my favorite players, Martina Hingis, in an exhibition game.


Not everything that had happened last year is good. After a business trip from South Korea and Taiwan, I was tested positive for influenza A. It was also my first time to be in an ambulance and believe me, it’s the last thing I want to be in again. Never mind the photo, that’s how empty I was and no visitor was allowed. I also missed my officemate’s wedding and farewell parties.


4 Summersonic

The biggest music extravaganza in Tokyo. It was scorching hot and I thought I almost fainted. Thanks to the fireman’s hose giving us a shower we needed to survive.


5 Hokkaido

After returning to Tokyo from a business trip in USA, I took a domestic flight to Hokkaido. Hokkaido is a particularly cold prefecture and during my visit, Ice Festival is being held.

hokkaido 04

6 Wedding

My bestfriend finally tied the knot. I was of course the Best Man. And photographer. And they just had their first baby last Dec 30. My birthday was Dec 29. Nothing important but worth saying I guess.

bespren 03

7 Shibazakura

From March to April, mark your calendars and book a flight to Japan. You have to be here when the town is in pink.


Our small photography group in Japan turned 1.

kamakura 01

9 Akita

I started my year in a cold prefecture and ended my year to another cold prefecture. I also did my birthday shoot here.


10 Galveston

My first business trip for 2013 was in Houston. I stayed there for two weeks, thus I have a free weekend. My friend drove me to Galveston and there was a Mardi Gras.

houston 01

Well, we got the 1st runner trophy and the best uniform prize.


12 Gunkanjima

I love haikyo (abandoned places). This is one of the most popular haikyo in Japan. If only I could explore the place more, I would do it. Hope the Nagasaki government will allow it.


13 Photoshoots

We did three model shoots last year and hopefully more to come this year.


That’s it. Let us all see what 2014 is going to offer. 



  1. Lucky year! (except for the flu). Hope to see more travel photos here. :)

    1. hopefully. but it seems my workload increases dramatically this year


any thoughts to distill?

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