Wednesday, July 30, 2014


It's been a year since I went to London to watch The Championships popularly known as Wimbledon. I was able to blog about it but wasn't able to write about the rest of my trip. Well, I had another one - about Bournesmouth. I stayed near Bayswater Underground and during my trip, I had been using  the Tube a lot. The Tube is London's public metro system. I found it to be very convenient as I didn't find it complicated like that of Japan's.


While trying to remember what I did during my vacation, I immediately recalled how stupid I was of forgetting the luggage key in Japan. I asked my office mate to send me the key.


My cousin and niece from Basingstokes toured me around the city. First stop was at The London Eye and Big Ben. Too bad that we didn't have the time to ride The Eye, I have to blame it on the queue.


We also dropped by the M&Ms World. It’s a 3-floor building and of course it features M&Ms from chocolates, magnets and pillows.


The next day I met with my former officemate at Notting Hill. Yes, the exact location where the film Notting Hill was shot. There’s not much to see on a weekday therefore I missed to experience the Portobello Market which is in full swing every Saturday. Instead, we explored the area and tried to find the spots shown in the film. There was the blue door, the book shop (not the original one though) and the coffee shop to name a few. The weather that day was perfect.


We then proceeded to my favorite place during vacation which was the Liverpool Street Station. The graffiti around the area blew me away and I can stay all day taking photos. The street arts are a joy to watch. To all photographers on vacation in London, this is a must-place to visit where you can say that your cameras are useful.


Since London is particularly known for musical plays, the most perfect way to end our day was to see one. We went to the Savoy Theatre and watched Let It Be musical – a play featuring the sounds of the Beatles.


I also had the chance to see my former schoolmates. Painted Hall at Old Royal Naval College is one of the tourist attractions in Greenwich. The ceiling with its intricate painting is a sight to behold. The Painted Hall was featured in one of the fights scenes in Thor : Dark World.


I found the Victoria Memorial interesting than the Buckingham Palace. Damn, I cannot remember everything.


I am not sure if I can be a travel blogger as I kept on forgetting the details of my trips. Well, it’s been a year so I have an excuse. I am also not sure if I want to go back again to London for a vacation even though I enjoyed my stay there.


Until my next adventure.




  1. Shared images breathtaking and draws the attention of every visitor to it. I have visited there a year go before my canada tour bus with my friends in summer vacations. London is the populous and the capital city. It offers the visitors plenty of entertaining spots like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, British Museum, and London Museum. It is considered a tourist's most visited destination.

    1. Thanks but I am not that thrilled though maybe because I just have a very limited time...


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