Sunday, August 24, 2014


There were lots of shaking during the 33rd Asakusa Samba Festival. For a change, I am not talking about earthquake. Japan(ese) summer would not be completed without the sounds and beats of samba. I think I haven't missed this event since coming back to Japan in 2008. I could be wrong though.


The weather threatened to ruin the festivities but it did not bother the spectators. Rain or shine, no one was moving away from his place, including us. I think this year is the most colorful samba festival I have seen. Lots of new acts and faces. Funny but it's very easy to notice the previous participants.


It was a 5-hour event but I think we only spent 4 hours clicking our shutters. I took around 500 shots but most of the time I tried to be a normal spectator. You can't blame me, the sound is inviting enough for you to dance.


I only brought my macro lens last Saturday. I have been enjoying using this prime lens in street photography. At first it was a little bit frustrating since you cannot adjust the zoom, but I got used to it later on. I even prefer using macro lens instead of 50 mm.


The beat may have stopped but in a year's time, it will be heard once again. Louder and stronger.


Samba Festival, because of its colors and appeal, will always be a photographer's dream without a doubt.




any thoughts to distill?

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