Monday, September 29, 2014


“Which of my photographs is my favourite? 
The one I’m going to take tomorrow."

That is one of my favorite photography quotes. It always reminds me to continue shooting, to be creative in every opportunity and that every tomorrow has a new subject to offer.

Last weekend, I joined my friends for a photowalk in Kinchakuda, Saitama despite not feeling 100% well. There was no time pressure, we spent all of our time trying to awaken our creative juices be it in actual shooting or in a passing conversation about photography.  It gave me a good feeling and it was a confirmation of sort that photography is indeed my stress-reliever.

At some point during our discussion, we talked about the direction of our photography, where to draw inspiration, our favorite subjects, cameras and lots of photography-related stuff. But I just kept quiet when it's getting technical, I leave it to Alaine and Noli to do the talking. 

It's been a decade since I got interested in photography.  If I have nothing to do during my free time, I usually found myself checking my flickr account to see if there's some improvement in my photos.  I tried to compare my shots in 2005 and 2014 but I can't really arrive to a conclusion and left me with lots of questions. One thing is for sure though, I still got excited every time I shoot. That feeling never left since I started my journey in photography.  

I must admit though that I fit the lazy photographer description. I am too lazy, or afraid, to take risks. One example is the use of external flash. I guess, it's about time to spread my wings to learn more about photography - read books, visit photo sites and embrace what's around me, just like what my friends always told me. After all, photography, like life, is a continuous learning experience.



  1. I like the experience of photography to teach me new skills and awareness. Love the blue of the rope holding this exquisite winged character.

    1. yes photography is a continuous challenge.... Thanks gemma

  2. Calling by from Macro Monday, a wow shot!

  3. Wonderful photo!
    Yes, one have to go out and shoot every day, always hunting for "the great shot".


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