Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Escaping boredom is quite fun. One weekend, me and my friend decided to go to Bangkok on a whim. We packed our bags and dragged our feet to the bus station. LOL! We slept at 330 am and took the 5 am bus. Kindly do the calculation if we had enough sleep.


Around 8 am, our bus stopped at its final destination. The main purpose of our escapade is take photos (yes, again) of the city. We went directly to Wat Pho, the home of the reclining buddha and wasted no time in preparing our gadgets, like two crazy bandits. After an hour or two of roaming around the area, our stomachs complained of extreme hunger. We took a taxi and looked for a place to stay. Originally, we planned to stay at Thai Cozy but there was no room available so we settled at Pannee House, which turned out to be a better place. Hehe.


We had a little rest after lunch, and then off to dreamland. Haha! At around 2 pm we went to another temple, and of course, I forgot its name. We still carried the weight of the world in our backs, hehe, being a photo hobbyist is not that fun at all. Just kidding, I just hate carrying lots of stuffs. Hehe. We had the chance to take street snaps and just after the sun sets, we decided to rest. We planned to go out that particular night but perhaps our legs and minds are too exhausted, we woke up at 1 am and all bars in Thailand (as I know of) close at 2 am. We continued our respective adventures in our dreams. Poor us!


Come Sunday. We took a taxi to bring us to Dusit Zoo, but the driver insisted that he knew a place that would surely interest us. Well, we thought, here we go again. But luckily, it was a great and wonderful place indeed.


And oh, I can't remember all the stuffs and details during our trip. So I am stopping here. Haha. Here are the pictures I took in Bangkok, I will make a separate entry for our Safari World adventure.


Despite the traffic condition, Bangkok has lots to offer especially to photo enthusiasts like me. Just stop and click.



  1. @jadey, it was. it was only i realized about the beauty of bangkok.

  2. Enjoyed the excited haste in your comments. The pace said it all without the weight of details!

  3. You captured the excitement you felt on the trip very well.

  4. You enjoyed it. Thats what matters!

    snooty to boot

  5. what a lovely photo essay of your trip... i am enthralled by such a place as i have never been out of the usa.....well... canada... but that is too similar to count....

  6. What gorgeous photos. You make me long to return to Thailand.

  7. Thanks for taking me back to one of my favourite cities. It's beauty defies desciption.

  8. this sounds so much fun...thank you for sharing..hope to see it some day

  9. I wish I could do that. Lucky you!

  10. what a beautiful place... your photos show so much color everywhere... the reclining buddha is awesome...

  11. memorable adventures are those that were not planned. i like the dreamlike picture, nice!

  12. Thanks for sharing, this is an awesome slide show and I love the music. I loved the photo and captions, wonderful.


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