Sunday, July 27, 2008


I’ll be entering my 4th week here in Japan. That’s how fast time flies, faster than how Japanese people sprint against the hurly-burly of the city. LOL!

I won’t deny the fact that Japan had a special spot in my heart. And returning back to said country brings back the memories of my previous stay here in Japan. My previous company invited me again to join them and after a series of reflections, I accepted the offer. I am not getting any younger and I have to be more mature while making decisions. My present company offers me venue for my professional growth and job security and stability. I just hope I won’t disappoint them or else I will go back to being unemployed sooner than I imagine. LOL!

Of course I had my apprehensions. I don’t know what will be the reactions of my other colleagues, but everything I fear was immediately extinguished after their warm welcome. I felt that I just took a vacation leave and that I never left the company. I will try my best to be an asset. I will try.

My stay here is quite good. I mean, I didn’t need any adjustments after all. Its like as if I am home. From the usual sleeping habit on my way to office, to matsuya dinner, to sushi and sake, it’s like 2005 once again. I have been actively participating in an online forum for Filipinos in Japan and have been meeting online friends of almost three years as well as the neophytes. I think I won’t get tired of meeting them. Haha, Mr. Congeniality strikes again!

One more thing, I am already abusing my camera with street shots, a photography subject that I am secretly obsessed. Though I am not that brave yet in aiming my camera to the subjects at least I am trying to get some decent shots. But I hope I won’t be harassed and be brought to a police station as I can’t defend myself in Japanese. Wakaranai!

Japan is a beautiful country coupled with mesmerizing traditions and cultures. I embraced it before and I am embracing it again. I missed it dearly -- the oriental setting, the calmness despite the hurried city life, the overflowing respect of the locals and the delicateness of Japanese women. Wow, I just realized, I missed a lot!


absence of ripples
mist ices up the crystal lake
oriental charm

I am really enjoying my stay here. Hope it will be forever. As I still have one mission to accomplish.



  1. Abaw Jani mayo kay ara ka na sa Japan... Hope you'll enjoy na ur work there.. Daw dira gd ang destiny mo ...

  2. thanks tin.. hehe gani man basi man lang diri na ko kita asawa hehe

  3. You certainly seem to have found your spiritual home. I wish you well.

  4. I'm interested in your reactions. My grandson loved Japan the semester that he spent there as an exchange student - but then he also loved South Korea, and now is entranced with his first post-graduation job teaching English in Vietnam where he has been for about 3 weeks.

    A very intereswting post.

  5. It all sounds wonderful - good luck!

  6. You describe your stay well. All the best! May you have more pleasant journey during your stay!

  7. It is a beautiful, I can see wht your are enjoying your stay. Awesome photo for Scenic Sunday.

  8. Beautiful photo. I am looking forward to visiting Japan soon...


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