Monday, July 21, 2008


After a day of exploring Bangkok, I and my friend hailed a cab and instructed him to bring us to Dusit Zoo. Politely, the driver replied that the zoo we mentioned was not a good place to visit, he recommended Safari World. Since we wanted to continue our adventure, we said yes without knowing where the place is. LOL! From Khao San Road, it took almost one hour before reaching the destination. The entrance fee was 1500 Baht per head (actually I am not sure if its more than 1500 Baht or not). We thought of going out of the cab, but he said he will be our guide. We first went to Safari Park, an 8 km wildlife drive. For those who are into wildlife experience this is a place to visit in Thailand. You got the chance to be close with these endangered species, and a good photo opportunity too. LOL! But of course, the car must be locked once you entered in the lion and tiger den. Haha!

The entrance fee included the tour to Marine Park already. There are lots of shows here compared to Safari Park. Feeding the giraffes was great. LOL! I am running out of words and I have to let the photos do the talking. LOL!

Visit Safari World if you are in Thailand.



  1. Gorgeous pictures, and good for you for being spontaneous. We have a safari park here in Israel too, but I haven't been since I got my DSLR so a return trip is definitely needed once it cools down.

  2. I visited Dusit zoo a few years ago after a taxi ride that covered most of Bangkok. That was enough wildlife for me!

  3. @Robin, yes, a return trip must be done :-) hehe

    @stan, i havent been to Dusit zoo but you should try visiting safari world if you have time to visit thai again

  4. Great pictures, i don't think i will ever get there but love to see your photos

  5. These are wonderful. Not a plce I will get too but can always visit virtuall.


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