Wednesday, August 27, 2008


If there’s one good thing of being an expat, or staying overseas, its having the chance to meet fellow expats in pure and fun-filled gatherings. These gatherings or meet-ups are opportunities of reliving the Filipino atmosphere in another country, and in our case, its in Japan. Of course, we all miss our country of origin and these events, though short and temporary, lessen the degree of homesickness.

Two Sundays ago, we went to Tokuma Falls, a manmade falls, in Yamanashi area. This gathering was finally realized after a month-long invitation handed by Timog Forum moderators and members. Their blackmail and coercion paid off. LOL! More or less 30 heads showed up.

Before I talk about the gathering, allow me first to share how cool it was to drive along Japanese expressway. It was my first here in Japan. It took 2-3 hours before reaching Ate Maki’s ever-welcoming abode. Its not that I’m slow, the place is just too far. Haha! Quoting Kuya Ben, Cruising at 110.5km/h on Tomei Expressway outbound to Yamanashi Ken. LOL!

Others were already there when we arrived and had their own spots on where to curl. Ten of us decided to stay overnight. Brought by excitement, all of us slept early but was interrupted by a mysterious phone call at around 0300H. I thought it was a ghost. Ha ha!

Just as the sun started showing its rays, one by one we vacated our cribs, fell in line to take a shower just like in prison. LOL! The group left the place and headed to the venue. There, Tokuma Falls was already vocalizing. Each one of us had a role but I won’t be too specific on this matter since it will lengthen this post. I wholeheartedly believe that every effort was appreciated by every one present. Even the man-made falls continued her rhythmic splashes serving as musical background. More TF members arrived, and it meant an obligatory introduce yourself or be sorry moment. Perhaps, in the coming EBs, we can provide name tags. Ha ha!

Aside from the traditional “lamon”, activity such as photoshoot of amateur yet professional-like models took place. Never ending shoots of posed and candid moments. It was great to know each other personally other than the usernames.

I’ll let the photos summarize the event.

a chorus of laughs
sways the greens, invites the breeze
the power of thanks

It ended on a right note with everybody wet as early morning leaves. Thanks to the waterfalls from heaven. Anyway, thanks to the organizers and sponsors for this gathering. Sarap ulitin. I hope another EB will materialize as soon as possible. Maybe before I go to Iran. Ha ha! Just kidding!

Domo Arigatou!



  1. blackmail?

    na blackmail ka? LOL


    p.s. naka pili ka na ba ng magic 5 mo? :D

  2. haha lambing lang yan, haha oo nakapili na ako.. draw lots ginawa ko LOL!

  3. Nice meeting you Totomai. Next time lang please, alamin mo na ang Canon para maturuan mo na ako. :-)

  4. nice meeting you too atty. pag may kaso ako, sa u na ako pupunta haha

  5. nice blog totomai. :-)

    mysterious phone call ba, akala ko kasi gising pa kayo e. hehehehe


  6. 'mai jackson, magaling na ba ang balat mo sa pw*t? tyan pala :-D
    bakit nga kaya ayaw magpakita ni Fuji san sa iyo? hehe..

    @hotcake, next time crash ka din dito sa bahay..para hindi ka na tuma-tawag sa madaling

  7. @ate hotcake, ikaw pala yung tumawag hehe di ko alam hehe nice meeting you te

    @ate maki, oo medyo okay. may binigay na gamot si kuya ben at ate merlz. ewan ko nga ba at ayaw magpakita sa akin ni fuji-san

  8. I don't know the language in the comments, though it looks beautiful. I wanted to say that I so enjoyed reading about your adventure and seeing the photos!

  9. A lovely set of slides illustrated an invitation that obviously paid off in pleasure.

  10. I want to go to Japan! XD
    Nice post! The pics are beautiful.

  11. @Nita, its Filipino. :-) yes it was fun

    @Granny Smith, i will only have myself to blame if i didnt go there

    @aki, with your name like that, you should go in Japan :-)

    @preethi, thanks

  12. You capture people's smiles exceptionally well. I must say I feel a happiness at viewing the photos. Thank you.

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