Friday, August 29, 2008


I promised myself that before August ends, I have to make a blog dedicated to Nikki's first birthday. Nikki, my Nikon D80 camera, is my constant companion after Casey, my Casio EX-Z40 point and shoot camera, committed suicide in one of the beached in Thailand. LOL! For a year, Nikki and I had been to three countries already, took more than 15,000 photos and enjoyed the challenges of situations, weathers and events. I must say that we are a good team. She's submissive enough to my needs.

Anyway, I still admit that I have lots to learn especially on the technicalities and I hope that I could discover a thing or two in the years to come.

For her birthday, I am presenting the best photos I took (my personal opinion only) each month from the first day I had her in my arms. Most of these photos are unedited, I just added signature on some of them. Two photos are auto-corrected and everything else is directly from the camera.


August 2007 - Taken the very same day I bought Nikki. Playing with the setting led you to an overexposed photo! Ha ha!


September 2007 – The same day Casey died. We waited for the sunrise but we were on the wrong side of the island. But its my favorite sunrise shot.


October 2007 – The Floating Market in Rachaburi Thailand is a photographer's delight. It's one of the colorful markets you will ever see. Vendors were camera-friendly too.

nong gate 4

November 2007 – Met some of my Multiply contacts who organized this photo shoot. Nong Gate is definitely a model in the making. She is just so natural.


December 2007 – My favorite flower shot. Despite the blowing wind, I was glad to capture what's on my mind during that time.


January 2008 – What would you do when you wake up, you saw something like this on the floor? Of course take your camera before anything else.


February 2008 – My bestfriend and I decided to explore Bangkok. No itineraries. Just purely come what may moment.


March 2008 – Received a macro lens as a gift. This was a test shot but I absolutely adore it.


April 2008 – My first pre-nuptial shoot! I am not confident if I will do justice with their portraits but since they are friends, and its free of charge, its worth the experiment. Haha!


May 2008 – Cambodia. Invited by my Thai officemates on a tour. It was a great experience too.


June 2008 – Went back to the Philippines after my contract wasn’t renewed. Joined a camera club in Bacolod and was invited to join their activity here.


July 2008 – Back to Japan this time. Finally met my online friends after three years. This was the first photo I ever sold online. Ha ha!


August 2008 – Definitely my favorite photo taken this month. And what it makes more special is the fact that it reaches the flickr's Explore front page. My first with Nikki.

power of the lens
magnifies hidden auras
a melodic click

I'll continue to shoot as long as there are interesting subjects. Just keep on shooting. Then delete them afterwards.



  1. una ako, hehe...yey, bida din kmi ke nikki...tnx nikki, este tnx mai, hehehe...galeng-galeng mo na tlg, wag lumaki ulo a, hahaha...hapi bday nikki...=)

  2. happy 1st bday sa nikki mo mai, dahil din dyan sa nikki mo na inspired din kami sympre sayo din ikaw yung master eh... charing hihihi...

  3. These photos are stunning! What an eye you have! And I also like your use of light!

  4. @mata, salamat, syempre. kayo lang napicturan ko nung bwan na yun e, wala ng choice haha

    @rey-lav, aba, nauna pa sa billing si rey a. haha. thanks din. at nainispired ko kayo. inspiring din pala ako haha


    thank you!

  5. Wow! Beautiful pictures and to have been in all those places. Thank you very much for sharing them. Will be back to experience them again.

  6. tukayo, i so loooooove your shots!

  7. Wow! Nikki has been such a great partner for you. Wonderful mementos, indeed. Sana ganun din akin si Candy ko. :-)

  8. @tukayo - salamat. isa ka ngang tukayo. haha. musta honeymoon

    @atty - wishing the best for you and candy too :-)

  9. Some of these are wonderful captured images... you are definitely breaking through to your actualization as a photographer. Some splendid moments in these images -- keep going! ;)

  10. Nikon 301 and Mamiya C220 (no pet-names)left behind. Sony Cybershot tries to compete, and does an honest days work. I'll try to post some, where appropriate, but don't expect the images to match the quality of yours.


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