Sunday, March 8, 2009


It's my 2nd blogsary!

I started this blog in the Philippines. Had my 1st blogsary in Thailand. And on its 2nd birthday, I'm in Japan. Now I am wondering, where am I when my blog hit its 3rd year in blogosphere. I can only guess.


For the past two years, through this blog, I met some celebrities in their own rights, and it was a rewarding experience meeting them. Haha! You know who you are. This blog was brought to life because of a challenge. And I have to thank 'bumhood' for inspiring me to write about my experiences and personal stuffs.

I have established some online friends, and slowly becoming good buddies. Thanks to blogging!

With almost 150 entries, essays, journals, photos and poems, I believe I was able to share my frustrations, achievements, adventures and misadventures to every reader who know me and who doesn't know me personally.

I have other online accounts, and with the demand of my work for the time being, I can't religiously update them. I do find time to manage them but I often lose the battle. Excuses, haha.

At some point, I thought of abandoning this blog, as well as my flickr account. That's when I thought I hit the saturation point. I guess each one of us pass through that stage. One time, I got a chance to talk to one of my friends who said that if taking photos and writing blogs are turning as liabilities on my part, then I better stop. But if these passions are helping me to divert stress and develop my craft, then, I must continue. And I continued.

Distilling Thoughts

i blog my life's breath
its unceasing caravan
refillable ink

i shoot the commons
framed against passing moments
chorus of shutters

i distill thoughts too
haikus, poems and essays
a trustworthy muse

a frozen stylus
webbed camera on the chair
a negative space

a duet of clicks and quills
rebirth of ideas


This blog may not be updated as much as I want to, but it will still continue to exist. As for the coming year, I am looking forward of writing about my brother's wedding, my friends' wedding, my month-long assignment in South Korea, a coming photo exhibit here in Japan, an encounter with celebrity bloggers, photo shoots and sessions, my visit to Italy (hopefully), reunion with friends, movie reviews and other coming adventures.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Distilling Thoughts!



  1. Wow! happy Anniversary sa blog mo!! international ang dating from Philippines to THailand to Japan and what's next? ayos!

  2. Happy Anniversary. I'm so glad you stayed!

  3. @Fjordz, yun pa ang di ko alam kung saan.

    @Keith, yes, I think it was a good decision after all hehe

  4. wala ng bawian,, pupunta ka sa october
    wahahaha,,, sabi dito sa blog mo hihiihi

  5. hapi anniv mai..wag ka stop, sayang ang marami ka nai-inspire sa blog mo..

    "a month-long assignment in korea"? waaaaaa, kelan un?..see u soon..hehe..^.^


  6. naks sabay pa to nag reply o hehehe

    @mata, baka may to june daw. commissioning. kasa sa yoseu haha di ko alam kung sang lupalop

    @dada, oo ba. basta walang kokontra sa uwi ko. uy mag update ka ng blog haha

  7. I'm glad you're here...your poem was beautifully written.

  8. aw, i like your blog totomai! happy 2nd anniversary! i really like the line "chorus of shutters". beautiful picture too. i like zoom lens :D

  9. @floreta, looks like you are abusing your camera already... thanks!

  10. happy anniv toto! asan ang party? hehehe

  11. sosyal! may Italy-Italy ka pang nalalaman!? hahaha

    Love the layout. :D

    Congrats sa 2nd year ng iyong pagto-Thoughts. :))

  12. thanks. napuyat ako nito kagabi haha.

    sana matuloy yung italy. hintay ko na lang ang sponsor ko haha

  13. ITALY? SIYET! sama kami ni wifey kahit sa maleta mo na lang......... woot! woot!

    happy 2nd blogsary! teka, second pa lang ba? parang antagal na..?

  14. sana nga matuloy tukayo haha. sana...

    oo 2 yrs pa lang. haha 2007 kasi 1st blog ko e :-)

  15. happy bologversary! It's amazing that you've celebrated each blogoversary in a different place!

  16. happy 2nd anniversary totomai!
    Here's to all your plans! May they all come to fruition...

  17. Happy Anniversary! Your blog is beautiful in every way.

  18. hapy hapy promis mu yan bf ah kita tayo sa italy yahooo hihi-ski

  19. magma-Marti-Party ako dito Kuya T!

    happy blogsary!

  20. @Penny, yes, Im a bit surprised too hehe

    @CW, i hope so. Fingers-crossed.

    @Sandy, thank you very much

    @Bf, yung promise mo din haha para makalipad ako

    @Doc, haha, doctor ka ba talaga? hehe

  21. Happy blogsary!

    The poem is so very beautiful, and it easy to see why you have chosen this path. Bravo!

  22. grabe. Italy naman ngayon! he he. iba na talaga ang big time. happy anniversary.

  23. aba galing, matutuloy kana sa italy? galing damihan mo pictures dun...

    happy 2nd year blogsary mai!

  24. @Amias, thank you so much

    @atty, bakasyon lang. in case haha

    @lav, pede sa thailand. miss ko na din kayo diyan

  25. Beautiful haiku sequence! Some wonderful lines! Especially the first one!

    Happy second blogiversary!

  26. I blog because I write. I write because I breath. It's as simple as that. And I think you've got it.

  27. For starters - the photo is heavenly. Then, the narrative is lovely...happy blogiversary! And, the haiku is especially fine - love the lines 'refillable ink' and 'a frozen stylus'...

  28. Happy blogday...? Keep 'em coming!

  29. The Mr. Linky for your page is not working... Thank goodness, I fiddled with the address and found the place nevertheless.

    Happy anniversary.

  30. @Linda, thanks

    @Amias, i am afraid to stop writing and taking photos lol

    @Anthony, amen

    @Stan and SL, thanks!

  31. happy 2 years!
    keep on blogging!

  32. happy 2 years!
    keep on blogging!

  33. Happy Blogging Anniversary John, wow, 2 years pa lang, I know you are one who had influenced me to blog also, but it seemed to me quite a very long time already, heeheh. Continue distilling thoughts John, more power and God bless.

  34. ms beth two years pa lang a. feel mo lang dugay kay kilalahay ta sang 1994 pa hehe. grabe 14 yrs na hehe

    thanks gid ms beth. hope to my mind can still distill thoughts. hehe


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