Wednesday, March 11, 2009


In two weeks time, a group of Filipino photo enthusiasts is about to showcase their masterpieces in Kawasaki, Yokohama, Japan. The conceptualization of this project started at Timog Forum as early as June 2008. The organizing committee had spent and faced sleepless nights, changing seasons, arguments and discussions but those didn’t dishearten their drive in making this exhibit a success. From 26th to 29th of March, photographs will be displayed at Art Garden Kawaski, 3rd floor, River K Building, Kawasaki, Japan. Admission is free.

“Japan in the Eyes of the Filipinos and Philippine Images” is the main theme. Photos to be showcased are derived from it. Expect diversity of photos flashing before your eyes, as it will be a visual feast for all the visitors.


Quoting this from the main thread :

Shiny afternoons of Summer
Gold and red leaves of Fall
Powdery snows of Winter
Rebirth of hopes that Spring beckons

Through the lenses of our fellow kababayans
Fall in love, yet again, with the beauty of Japan
And indulge yourself to some reminiscing
As you view portraits of our motherland

Invoke the spirit of 'bayanihan'

Let's celebrate together the culmination of a common goal..

Bayanihan, A Photo Exhibit
March 25th to 29th, Year 2009

Adechan, BxOxMxB, Crispee, Coloma brothers(Uriel and Josh), Guy26, Itchay, KikoyBalayon, Maruchan, Maytatsu, Maimai, Ning2, Sarpon, Scion_Cho, Sharpener, Totomai, Ugnayan, Kalandrakas, Kidperez, Mamimo, Perf172,

Ms. Japphi, Ms. Docomo, Ms. Mizo_shiru, Ms. Bahaykubo, Mr. Fisher

Bahaykubo, Chepot, Chokulit, Depp, Fisher, Gerri, hjk, Jzee, Katek, Luvkidz, Maytatsu, Mhisoza, Mizo_shiru, Mtwalton, naughtymeeh, Poulain, Searcher101, Shinshinobi , Summerghie, Thermometer, Twinklyblue,

Ning2, Adechan, Mamimo, Sharpener, Guy26, Sarpon, KikoyBalayon, Timbog, Itchay

Poster Creation of

Special Thanks to
The PP Masters

Brought to you by: TF Photography Club

This exhibit will also serve as a venue for meeting other Filipinos in Japan, to establish and develop camaraderie among Pinoys in Japan. Lets be proud of our culture and heritage.

We may be in a foreign land, but we are still and will always be Pinoy!

Mabuhay! Ganbatte Kudasai!



  1. Pictures ba nako ang i-post didto, Manong? Hehe :)

  2. pede haha. bababa ka ba sa bundok?

  3. Or pwede pod mo-climb :) When this will happen? Last week of this month? Hmmm... Let me reflect :) Wouldn't I be odd out from the troupe? I hardly knew anyone from TF, nor I easily blend myself to the flow :p I will ask my partner in crime if he'd go with me. I know for a celebrity like you won't even have the virtue for a tag-along as me, so I wouldn't even ask to bother you.

    Who will come by the way? And when's the exact big day for the meet-up? I don't really follow the thread in TF, not so frequent there that I only scan what is pretty obvious and get lost.

  4. i only a few of them so its a good chance to meet other members this coming exhibit.

    i think i'll be in kawasaki on the 28th and 29th only since its weekend. im not allowed to be absent from work, lol

    yes you can bring your friend. dont worry, i think its a good chance to meet other pinoys in japan.


    kelan ba ung circus? haha

  5. nyahooo puunta kami sa 29th ni searcher hehe...

  6. What a beautiful and unique shot, I love it.

    Have a great weekend!
    Regina In Pictures

  7. Great idea to showcase the work. This is a very creative image.

  8. Very artistic shot & beautifully captured!

  9. Love the photo. Beautiful

  10. It looks like calligraphy against the sky! Love it!


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