Friday, July 13, 2007


It’s official. I am one-year flickr old. Time really flies, huh?

My friend introduced me to flickr a year ago, July 12, 2006 to be exact, and thinking that it is just for photo storage, I registered right away since I was joining some poetry and photography groups before -and I needed some sites to host my photos. This was my first uploaded photo. Now, I have 474 photos with a total of more than 30,000 views. I really appreciate it guys!

I didn’t know then that flickr is more than a typical photo host. It is a different world, well, for me at least. How did I discover? This photo was favorited (yeah I know, it’s a verb in flickr world) by one the members and some of my photos were invited to be posted to flickr groups.

My addiction commenced.

I joined a lot of groups and each group showcase fantastic arrays of photos. I have been an admirer for a long time and was hesitant to post to its respective pool. But the comments and encouragements of other members pushed me to explore my photographic eyes. Thanks guys!

Among these groups – I have been actively involved in:

Philippines – one of the first groups I joined in, for obvious reason I suppose. At first, I just posted my photos in the pool and left some comments on other photos. I was not participative in their discussions until their announcement for a photo exhibit. I’m glad I did because I gained a lot of friends through it. The exhibit was successful and I hope there’s more to come. Shout outs to Jolengs, Bingbing, Koolitz, Tipoy, Stitch and to the rest of the gang.

A+++ - if I remember correctly, I was one the first members of the group. At first glance its like the other groups of giving out logos to the photos you like in the pool. I was invited to be an admin of the group. Well, at first they thought I’m Japanese because of my username and the photos I uploaded during those times are taken in Japan. Shout outs to doctony, doctian, neodelphi and the rest of the group.

and of course

Challenge You – the group that catalyzed my addiction. Before I joined the challenge and didn’t mind the daily chat threads. And when I joined the conversations there, I felt welcomed and CY became my family in flickrworld. Believe me, its the most addicting, interesting and friendliest group the flickr ever had. Its not always about winning, its more on appreciating photographs with different themes. I gained friends and mentors in this group. Shout outs to JulioC, benefit of hindsight, Sharlini, bdec, vanarts, Liyen, sindala, auntie_P, Angele, fl0yd/hyp0th3rmi4, charlie and to the remaining addicts.

Aside from these three, I’ve been visiting and participating in The World Through My Eyes, Karma, Poetry and Pictures International, Flickers Photo Club. Please visit them if you have time.

And how can I forget Mr. Roadrunner (Kuya Ben) for tolerating my addiction. Few days before my 29th birthday he surprised me with a PRO Account saying that I deserve to upload more photos and share to the community. Domo Arigato! Salamat! Thank you!

Along the way, I met photographers, enthusiasts, hobbyists that inspire me to look on things differently. My appreciation and thanks to JC, Maki_30D, maruchan313, Evening_Star57, babybee, moemoechi, kalandrakas, jepoycamboy, junmark, angelynne, lady G, Simply Shot Maui, Spiegelbild, carmeena, amelie4, h20 tubig, and to all my contacts. Hope I am not forgetting anybody. (Sorry for using your flickr IDs instead of your names).

As a way of thanking to all who have visited my photo stream I am presenting to you the 50 most popular photos chosen by you. Well, this may be regularly updated, but as of the meantime these are the photos.

Flickr has also its unique ranking system and according to its standards these are my 30 most interesting photos.

Well, I may not be that active in joining and visiting groups as of the moment due to my current work loads but I still check flickr from time to time.

I wish to have a new camera to celebrate my flickr anniversary but time runs out. Hopefully next month I have my camera. Oh, how can I forget my amazing CASIO EX-Z40 hehe.

Looking forward for another year in flickr!



  1. Hi totomai, nice to see you I've always loved you photostream among the flickr CY addicts you are "The Poet" and poetry comes out from many of your pictures...
    Your photos always gave me the opportunity to have a digital vacation in Boracai Islands and other marvelous places...
    Happy birthday then!...

  2. congratulations my friend! your work has really improved since you atarted! glad to have you as a member of the A+++ Group and yes we do miss you!!! i hope work becomes less tazing. it interferes with flickring my friend! congratulations and happy flickr birthday! more to come!

  3. nice one, Totomai :o)
    keep on flickr-ing!

  4. @Christian - thanks man, ill be a fanatic of your orton shots too. hope i can have great skills like yours. if you have time, please visit the philippines hehe

    @tony - doc, salamat. its great to be a part of A+++ team too. sorry, been useless the past months

    @david - thanks. im trying to continue flickring my friend hehe

  5. Congratulations my friend! Time to look back and think what you've gained and lost. I'm certain the balance is very positive.
    Me? I have gained a friend, a Filipino friend, working in Thailand, who would guess?
    Flickr also became richer in the last year, a member that marries photography with poetry is not easy to find, and you do it with distinction.
    Looking forward for more 500 (poetic) photos!

  6. @Julio - obrigado my friend! im humbled by your words. Challenge You is a very special part of my flickr world.

    pressure's on me to post 500 photos next year. i hope i can beat the photos i posted on my first year.


  7. hello 'mai!!!

    i remember we started exchanging comments into our photos in multiply... i see a lot creativity on your photos...

    i have a lot of friends who wanted to get some dslr cameras because they think there's a feel of being pro and it would produce really great photos, but i keep on telling them it's not on how big or expensive your camera is.. it really doenst matter... and i always make you as an example.. getting great pictures with a compact camera.. you're such a great example, mai!!!

    well, keep on shooting...

    congrats, mai!!!

    -jesslee a.k.a. kalandrakas

  8. nakanang toh,congrats,you deserve to be in flickr.salamat din at nakilala ka namen at naging kaibigan at kaflickrista.mabuhay ka kapatid!

    huwag ka magsasawa sa kaka-pekture & of course your poetry,darating din ang araw at ma-pupublish na yan!

    domo aregato gozaimas!

  9. @jess, thanks for the kind words man. i believe photography is a continuous learning process and i still have a lot to learn.

    yup, we started at multiply and still in multiply hehe. naks, ginawa mo akong example? naku, buti at di ka napahiya hehehe

    salamat. kita kita sa sunod na pagkakataon

    @fafa jolengs, haha unti unti ng nawawala ang powers ko sa pagsusulat. sana nga ma publish at ng ma-laminate na. hehehe

    salamat din sa pagtitiwala at suporta. boto kita sa darating na eleksyon. hehe

    mabuhay flickrista. uy tshirt naman jan hehehe

  10. Huwaw naman! Flickr addict! Hahaha. Congrats, Totomai. And it's also a pleasure to have met you. Alam mo na kung gaano kakukulit ang mga tao dito sa Pinas at alam ko na miss mo na kami. Hahahaha.

    Uwi ka na at pancit ulit tayo. :D

    Keep Flickrin', mah friend. :) Mabuhay!

  11. @bing, wala blema sa pancit basta libre mo hehehe

    salamat din bing, sensya, medyo mahiyain ako sa mga meetings hehe likas na tahimik kasi akong tao.

    try ko na di titigil sa pagkuha ng litrato. isang DSLR naman diyan hehe

  12. hi john, it's hard to choose which one would be my favorite photo since unbelievably you really have an eye for unique, deep and serene beauty, luv your shots. i showed your pics to my cousin and she told me you're far greater an artist that makes us really novice in our hobby, hehehe. keep it up.

  13. @ms beth, i still consider myself as an amateur. siguro im just trying to find unique angles hehehe.

    some my personal favorites are not included on the 50 hehehhe

    thanks again.

  14. congrats mai, ang galing bading, galing ng ambi mo, hehe...yan ba gift nya sau kc 1 yr ka na sa flickr?...ako ala ako gift, di kc nasali pics ko sa top 50 mo e, hahaha...more photos of me sa flickr mo, hahaha, para masali na sa susunod...keep on improving, proud of u, love ya kuya =)

  15. @ai, oo nga ang galing ni bading may header na header na tuloy ako sa blog ko. yung pic mo mga number 475 out 476 hehehehehe

    uy ruel, dumaan ka naman dito at ng makita mo yung ginawa mong ambigram hehehe

  16. Congratulations Birthdayboy!
    I still hope that one day you will find a job in the Netherlands :~P

  17. @Berend, thanks and I hope so too. maybe after my contract here in Thailand.. hehe, we may never know.

  18. Hi Mai!
    Nice work in designing the ambigram. I'm a lover of compact digital camera myself, but none of my pictures were as pretty as yours (that's why I shifted my interest on ambgrams). You have your own style in photography and that's what I really like about you. I recently bought my dream gadget (sony vaio UX390N), I wish you'll have yours soon.
    Hope to see more great pictures from you.

  19. @ruel, thanks din sa ambigram. random editing lang yan sa photoshop. di ko na tuloy maalala pano naging ganyan ang resulta nung gawa mo.

    hehe, mukhang di ko kakayanin ang gadget mo. DSLR pa muna ang target ko hehehe

  20. Happy flickr birthday, totomai! :) You take really beautiful photos so I'm sure there will be more anniversaries in flickr and other photo hobbyists groups for you to showcase, share and hone your talent. :)

  21. @May - salamat. alam mo ba, isa sa pangarap ko ang maka picture ng masskara festival hehehe

    pag uwi ko EB tayo diyan hehe

  22. Hello Mai,
    Wow, ambilis nga ng panahon. Isang taon agad ang nakalipas.
    Maraming salamat sa iyong walang sawang pamamahagi ng mga iyong orihinal na estilo sa pagkuha ng larawan. Sa tuwing pinagmamasdan ko ang mga ito, alam kong hindi ako nagkamali mula sa umpisa.

    Happy 1-year anniversary kaibigan.

  23. @Kuya Ben, you just dont know how thankful I am the moment you surprised me with a PRO account. I will be always grateful.

    hehe, oo nga, 1 yr na parang kelan lang. sabi nga nila, kuha lang ng kuha kung ayaw delete hehe

    salamat po uli!

  24. I'm sure it'd be great taking photos of the MassKara Fest. All the colors!!

  25. @May - yup i know. hehe, the vibrance of colors should be captured. hehe. uwi kaya ako sa october. ikaw na lang kaya kumuha tapos post mo sa multiply hehe


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