Sunday, March 1, 2009


March 1. Today, you're 72.


Since I started working, we seldom celebrate your birthday together. That's one of the drawbacks of working abroad, I guess. We always have to wait for December and started catching up things. We can do it by phone as I do my best to call you every week but still, talking face to face is different.

Life and love are cyclic, existing in a circular form. Its never ending. A few years ago I wrote a poem for you and no matter how old it is, I will never get tired of saying it to you. It's not only a poem, but a promise that I won't break.


You were the hammock ---
when my world was moonless
until pastel-colored stars shone
on me. You swayed me against the threats
of seasons, never tired holding
the weave of love.

I hold onto the weave of love,
won’t be tired to sway you safely
against the threats of seasons.
As ashen stars crowd over you,
until your world be moonless ---
I am your hammock.


Happy Birthday ' Ma. I know how much you love us, and you also know how much we love you. I believe that there are more birthdays to come and eventually we can celebrate it together.

I miss you and talking to you minutes ago and hearing your voice, just makes me want to go home badly. And the gloomy atmosphere outside my window doesn't help either.

Happy Happy Birthday Again Ma!



  1. Wishing your Mom more birthdays to come!!!

  2. thanks te :-) hehe lungkot pa din ako haha

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mama!

    Pwede naka-emote si me sa poem. Sigh, I haven't talked to my mom for so long now. A month or so of non-speaking terms. I know I'm a bad daughter and don't tease me!

  4. well, i guess its time to talk to her. :-)

  5. What a beautiful gift to your mother on her birthday. That is an original and comforting image. God bless!

  6. magandang kalusugan
    tunay magiliw
    salamat \¡/

  7. What a beautiful tribute and beautiful picture. Much love and happiness to you both.

  8. uy, magka-bday Mom mo tsaka Kuya ko hehe.. Happy birthday (belated) to your mom!

  9. Oh my gosh, you moved me to tears...what a beautiful poem you wrote for your Mom. I know she will treasure those words till her last dying breath. Thank you for sharing!

  10. How touching ... my daughters should take lessons from you! I too wish your Mama many more happy birthdays.

  11. Lovely response to the prompt and moving tribute - such a beautiful face!

  12. wow! happy birthday to your mom!

  13. reading your poem for your mom makes me teary eyed john, and my heart cries. i miss my late mom, i love her so much too, but i could no longer talk to her, but i am happy also for her that she has rested now and had been free from the pain that she suffered. your poem really expresses strongly the love of a son for a mom, and the picture tells me of so much pride and love that she is your mom.

    belated happy birthday to your mom john, may she continue to be wonderfully blessed with the desires of her hearts.

  14. totomai---
    what a beautiful picture of 'ma. And an amazing work with the OSI prompt--circles. I loved how you swung the hammock...have you ever read the children's book , 'Love you Forever'? Your poem reminded me of that story.

    Thanks, as always. Really appreciate your work.

  15. ganda ng poem...hapi bday sa mama mo mai...=)

  16. @Laurie, oh that was sweet, thanks.

    @alvin, happy birthday din kay kuya

    @FP, here's a hankie for you. Thanks

    @Amias, oh perhaps you just dont now they're sweet too.

    @Deborah, thanks. she always smile hehe

    @fjorz, salamat

    @ms beth, thanks. yes, i know how much you loved your mom. dont worry, she's your angel above

    @Beth, I havent read that book nor heard of it. but i will try to find that one. Thanks too

    @mata, salamat hehe

  17. How lovely! May I join you in wishing your darling mother a very happy birthday and many more!

  18. Beautiful words for your Mum! Happy Birthday to her!!!

  19. a hammock that born another hammock of love. your mother must be so proud of you.

  20. An honourable promise to keep. May she enjoy the benefits for years to come.

  21. @TW STG and STan, thanks.

    @khargosh, ill be her hammock forever


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