Saturday, March 24, 2018


E L E V E N  Y E A R S .

Yes, that is eleven years of shooting, blogging and distilling thoughts. As you may already know, I started blogging when I was jobless. Since then, I made sure that at least I have one post per month though the number of posts per year dramatically decreases. I am sorry, I have been saying this every blogsary.


a frozen stylus 
webbed camera on the desk 
an artist’s winter 

now, a warm stylus 
the camera free of webs 
an artist’s summer 


I have nothing much to say this time. Instead, I decided to have a throwback of sort and will list down twenty of my blog’s most popular posts. Please take a look at them - or kindly tell me your favorite post, if you have one. 

  1. Bloomsville - all about spring flowers
  2. Spellbind - thoughts on spring
  3. Spectacle - it's all about the Samba Festival
  4. Badminton - what we do, when we have nothing to do in Japan
  5. Summit - my Mt. Fuji climb experience
  6. Santa - my birthday experience in the snow
  7. Kybele - model shoot in Denmark
  8. Luxembourg - Luxembourg escapade
  9. Germany - trip to Germany
  10. Remnant - my hometown's Taj Mahal 
  11. Copenhagen - travel to Denmark
  12. Singapore - exploring Singapore
  13. Fit - my health journey
  14. Seoul - a visit to South Korea
  15. Mata - my farewell post to Japan
  16. Sakura - best place for cherry blossoms viewing
  17. Unmasked - a photography contest experience
  18. Equator - I am in the center of the world 
  19. Chiba-koen - one of my fave places during hanami 
  20. Wimbledon - once in a lifetime experience

I hope that I can still keep this blog up and running in the years to come.

Cheers everyone!



  1. It has been quite an adventure coming to your blog and being overwhelmed by you photography and poetry. I do hope you can keep going or do I sense a new field has taken your interest.

    1. Just a bit busy in the new environment, Robin. Will still try to post one blog per month.

  2. Clean, bright, and as warming as summer. Just wonderful, Totomi. Happiest eleven.

  3. Wow, 11 years of blogging. May you long continue to share your photos and your words. I will take a look at some of your blog posts later. Some I remember. Smiles. Nice to have the favorites listed all in one place!

    1. Thanks Mary - I can’t believen I have been blogging for more than a decade already :)

  4. Happy eleven years, Totomai 💖 May there be many more to come!🍸

  5. Each of your posts is my favourite as I view it ... until the next one. I do hope very much that you continue to blog; I would miss your posts if they stopped altogether.

  6. Lovely turning of the seasons. I have missed hearing your voice. I, too, found my life changed in a time of unemployment--found my voice.

  7. Sticking with blogging is hard with life getting in the way....but 11 yrs is still a wonderful mark even if you don't blog as much as you did. Your poem is perfect!


    1. I can also reverse the order of the poem, Donna. Whichever way is applicable lol

  8. Your blog is full of treasures! Dont worry about frequency, but do keep it going, as you bring the world to those of us would never otherwise see such wonders. I like your new banner. Very cool. I will come back and go down your list. Cant wait!

    1. Thanks Sherry, would love to hear your faves too.

  9. Amazing picture. I am glad the artist has awakened.

  10. First, i liked the new header.
    and i really hope that you can still keep this blog up and running. but if you have more important things to do..

    and here are a few thoughts for the popular posts. it's really hard to choose a favourite one.

    Bloomsville : the pictures of the blooms are sensational.
    Spectacle : Loved it! (and the ladies!). Japan has quite a sizable Brazilian population?
    Summit : your pictures of Mt Fuji are so awe-inspiring
    Kybele : model shots are fun, eh?
    Germany : eye-opening, especially the Wall.
    Singapore : thank you for visiting Singapore. so you have bumped into the homeless here too?
    Fit : ah, so bold photography!
    Seoul : again, great photography.
    Mata : what an aching poem.
    sakura : great photography again!
    Equator : yes, educational.


    1. Thanks Ds, yes I encountered some in Singapore.

  11. Eleven years... I actually traced back my first poem online (on twitter) the other day... it was only 7 years old.... I hope that your unwebbed camera will give us many great pictures.

    1. Hopefully, Bjorn. I am too lazy to bring my camera outside. I recently had it cleaned though

  12. 11 years, indeed long time. I hope you never stop.

  13. Congratulations on eleven years.

  14. Congrats on 11 years in your journey. I am sure you have captured beautiful moments during those years through your lens.


any thoughts to distill?

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